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Warmane – Lordaeron

Lordaeron is a Wotlk Private Server and is Warmane’s answer on a pure blizzlike realm. Lordaeron has 1X XP Rate, and PvP as realm-type. If you’re into pure blizzlike servers, Lordaeron could be a good fit. It’s an English speakin...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 5000+
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Warmane – Icecrown

Icecrown is a Wotlk Private Server and offers 7X XP Rate, and PvP as realm-type. It’s an English speaking server, and  is probably the most popular server for this expansion. Icecrown, from Warmane, has a very active and healthy population. ...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 5000+
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Project Ascension

Project Ascension is a fully released Classless WoW server offering FFA Loot on Death PvP, Seasonal Servers, High & Low Risk PvP with custom mechanics that allow Loot on Death to function in WoW. We have full time development, balance and supp...
Released Custom  XP Rates:  Population: 2000-5000
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Firestorm – Sethraliss

Battle for Azeroth Private Server of Firestorm. The realm of their BFA server is called Sethraliss, and launched in March 2019. The server (Firestorm) has a reputation of having a lot of realms running. Their most popular realm is the BFA realm (S...
Released PvE  XP Rates:  Population: 2000-5000
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Endless is a project bringing complete The Burning Crusade experience. Experience rate is x5 all the way till lvl 70 with weapon skills and spell training costs adjusted. No P2W items expected. T4 is available at release with regular new content u...
Released PvE PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 2000-5000
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Atlantiss is one of the oldest server projects in the community, hosting and polishing servers of different expansions across the years. It is a place to relive memories and reconnect with old friends or befriend new ones. As members, we are a gro...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 2000-5000
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Tauri WoW – Evermoon

Tauri WoW offers several realms, and is known for their extremely high quality. In this case, their most popular MoP Server is their Mist of Pandaria Realm called Evermoon. Evermoon, by Tauri, is a blizzlike international MoP Private Server with a...
Released PvE  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 1000-2000
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Turtle WoW

We are Turtle WoW, a PVE Vanilla WoW server, supporting RP too. We do our best to provide a unique WoW experience to those players who love questing, community, and everything to do with PvE. We want this to be a stress free, rush free, fun, and c...
Released PvE RP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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Whitemane is a dynamic WoW Private Server aiming to provide the highest quality of gameplay. The Wrath of the Lich King realm has been developed for many years by numerous developers. The code we have written is used by variety of servers. Storm t...
Fresh PvE PvP  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 2000-5000
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Warmane – Frostmourne

Frostmourne is a Wotlk Private Server and is one of the most popular servers for this expansion. It has a very high amount of players ingame (5000+), and consists of a 7X XP Rate, and PvP as the realm-type. Shop: Gear, Levels, Gold, Characters. (P...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 2000-5000
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Project Entropius

Project Entropius also known as ‘Nextcalibur’ is the continuation of the Excalibur Burning Crusade Emulator & Database we all know and love. Yearly fresh blizzlike, attunements, 1X-4X rates. We aim to make some changes to the way t...
Fresh PvP  XP Rates:  Population: 500-1000
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TwinStar – Apollo II

Apollo II is an English speaking Cataclysm Private Server from the TwinStar group and is launched on January 19 2020 Officially moderated channels on Apollo are world, character auction, and global. You are able to communicate in the first two in ...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 1000-2000
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UWoW – 7.3.5 Legion X100

UWoW is one of the biggest Legion Private Servers offering increased XP rates. UWoW’s realm consists of an English and Russian community. Be aware of this, that you’ll find a lot of Russian players ingame. UWoW has existed for years (s...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 15X+ Population: 2000-5000
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WoW Freakz – Felsong

WoWFreakz is a BFA Private Server, offering their BFA realm called Felsong. WoW Freakz is one of the most popular BFA Private Servers as of today and has an international community as well as a Russian community. Felsong (WoWFreakz) has flexible X...
Released PvE  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 2000-5000
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Heroes WoW 255 Funserver

According to Heroes-WoW, they are a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. They are a 255 Wrath of the Lich King Funserver. Heroes-WoW has the following features: – 255 Level Cap ...
Released Custom  XP Rates: 10-15X Population: 100-500
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3.3.5a Twink-progressive NO-PROFIT server with 100% open-source development.
Fresh PvE PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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  • – Legion

Finally, we are ready to open the server! After few months of closed beta tests we have prepared server for public. A short list of examples of what we fixed during this time: Battle Pets LFG with iLVL req. All BGs All Dungeons All Raids All Arena...
Coming Soon PvE PvP  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 2000-5000
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VanillaPlus – Vanilla Server

VanillaPlus is a released Private Server. Their goal is to provide a Vanilla Private Server but with a new flavour in 2020. This involves discarded features, new challenges, community driven development based on suggestions, as VanillaPlus mention...
Released Custom PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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World of Warcraft Private Servers have been running for a long time, and the private servers for WoW are still active and relevant.🧡 Through our page at Zremax, we will be listing all the best servers to play on. We will also give you all the tricks and info you need related to the WoW Private Server scene, and guide you! 🥳


What is a WoW Private Server?

To begin, let’s begin from scratch. A WoW Private Server is a version of the original World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard. This means that through these free wow servers we list, you can play older and classic versions of World of Warcraft, that retail no longer offers, such as Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk, Cataclysm and more expansions.

If you still wonder what a World of Warcraft Private Server is, you can consider it as a free-to-play and unauthorized version of the game. Unlike retail, these private servers are free and are mostly getting their money from donations. The server owners are private individuals, and not a company like Blizzard entertainment. Some private servers have however existed for many years, and are still stable and actively running.

Therefore, we can conclude that these type of servers, are free-to-play, and may not necessarily be as strict as retail. The owner of the individual server set the rules themselves, and can also customize the game as they want. As a result, server-types can be very different.

As you know by now, you can experience WoW Private Servers across different expansions, such as Cataclysm Servers, Mist of Pandaria Private Servers, Vanilla WoW Servers, and the rest. It’s a whole new world to play and game on. We have combined a Toplist dedicated to World of Warcraft top 100, which are free wow game servers to play on.

Should you play on a World of Warcraft Private Server?

That’s a good question. To know whether or not it’s something for you, you have to ask yourself this question:

Are you fine with playing an unofficial version of the game?

WoW Private Servers are complicated, but to sum it up, they aren’t exactly fully legal, as some parts of the game can be considered as copyright that Blizzard can claim. The scene is however a grey area, hence many servers even today run without any issues or indications of closing by Blizzard. But it’s still an ethical question; whether you are okay with playing a copyrighted/pirated version of World of Warcraft. Keep in mind that many of the World of Warcraft Private Servers have been running for ages, some since 2010. And there have never been reports of players getting in trouble for playing WoW Private Servers. At Zremax, we play on the Top World of Warcraft Servers too, found through list Top 100 list.

If you are clear with that, then you should know that with a WoW private server, you can experience all the expansions, even if it’s not appearing on retail. You can also experience different styles of the game, such as fun servers, blizzlike servers, customized versions, and much more. If you want to play on a high rated Wotlk Private Server, you can do so! The options are many, and that’s one of the great things.

Now that you have cleared with yourself, whether you want to play on a WoW Private Server, let’s learn how to play on one.

How to play on a Private Server?

Playing on a WoW Private Server is not hard. You need a few initial set-up steps, and then you are almost ready to play. Read below, and learn how to do it.

For a quick guide, you can see below.

1: The very first step is to find a server you will be playing on through our Private Server Toplist.
2: Visit the WoW Server through our website. Read details, and visit the website of the server, when you are ready.
3: Go to their Connection guide page, and note down their realmlist, and download the client for the expansion you have chosen to play on.
4: After downloading the WoW Client, head into the Realmlist, and paste the server realmlist in.
5: Open WoW.exe, and log in.

That’s it. You’re now ready to enjoy playing on a WoW Private Server!

A detailed guide to playing on a WoW server

We made sure that getting started on a server, is very straight forward. Whether you’re new, or experienced, we got you covered!
The first step is to find the server you want to play on. At Zremax, server owners have been registering their WoW Private Servers, and we have approved the worthy servers. Therefore, you have plenty of different servers to choose between.

The Zremax team is working on improving the list daily, keeping it up to date, to make sure you find your server. Filter through servers, and make sure you find a server you feel comfortable with! We have a review/comment system as well, so make sure to comment on the servers listed on our list, once you’ve begun playing, so you help others too! The more reviews, the easier it is for everyone to pick servers.

Now that you’ve chosen a Server based on our World of Warcraft Private Server List, you can find additional information through us. When you are ready, you need to create an account on the chosen server. Usually, pressing on the “Join this server” button upon visiting the specific server details through our list will head you over to their site. After doing so, create an account and note down the realm list.

Now you need to download the game client for the specific expansion you have chosen. We have plenty of guides to setting up your WoW Client, which you can read more about. After doing so, you can simply get started playing on your wanted WoW fan server!

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey, as there are many opportunities. You can even play on the latest expansion through a Shadowlands WoW Private Server. Also, we recommend sticking around with Zremax to help others choose servers, and help decide. A good tip to also head to – where you have a great possibility to discuss WoW Private Servers too.

Top 100 Private Server List for World of Warcraft 

At Zremax we care about the WoW Private Servers that are available.
We want the listed WoW Servers the best, and we want you, as a player, the best. Therefore, we put an honor in delivering you the best results on our WoW Game Server List.
We want to make sure you find your wanted server. With us, you can filter through expansions, features, server-type, and even search for specific keywords to find servers. You can also read reviews, and post reviews yourself – to help others.

We take the regular WoW Private Server Top 100 List definition to a whole new and modern level. No vote manipulation, no fake list, just a “bulletproof” list of actual servers. You can write server-reviews, rate the servers that are listed, and much more.
At Zremax we like to see ourselves as a community related to World of Warcraft Private Servers and WoW Server Emulation.

What is the Best WoW Private Server?

There are a lot of private servers around. Above, through our server list, we will list you with the top wow private servers, that we consider the best. We will also include server details, so you can easily choose the server you want to be playing on. Through this major WoW Toplist, you will find a private server that you can consider as the Best WoW Private Server. There are a lot of potential top servers included in the list.

Through our site – Zremax, we have one main purpose. That is to help you find servers, in a modern and easy way. But, we also want to build a private server community around that. Therefore, we hope you will be rating and reviewing the servers on our list after you have played them. This way, you can help other players, to know whether it’s worth playing on the server. We welcome new players of WoW Servers, as well as old veterans, on Zremax.🧡

How many players are estimated to play on WoW Private Servers?

There aren’t official numbers as to how many players are playing, but with a little research, it’s possible to give an estimation, although it variates. It is previously estimated that around 1,3 million people are playing on WoW Private Servers. This estimation is however from when the famous Nostalrius server was available, which it no longer is. Therefore, we estimate that the number is a little less. Perhaps around 1 million active WoW Private Server players around the world, from international servers, to Russian, Spanish, and other local private servers. The truth is that there are a lot more WoW Private Servers than just the ones on the list, but not all are public and international. Many servers are made for just local countries and communities, that we don’t know about.

Some of the most popular private servers are servers as Warmane, which has around 5000-10000 players online, on their Wotlk realms, combining it to an amount up to around 30000 players throughout their realms and expansions.

WoW Private Servers

FAQ – Often asked questions about WoW Private Servers

❓ What is the Best WoW Private Server in 2021?

The Best WoW Private Server can get found through our list at Zremax. We list all the good private servers, and that makes it easy for you to pick your favorite server.

❓ What is a World of Warcraft Top List?

It is a page, where you have a complete overview of all the available private servers to play on. The benefits of using a World of Warcraft Top 100 Server List is that you have all the servers at one place. Instead of having to go to many different websites, all the wow servers are collected in one place.

❓ What is the most populated WoW Server?

The highest ranked private server is currently Warmane. At peak times, Warmane has above 30.000 players online, across their realms. Warmane mainly offers Wotlk realms. There are however also other big populated servers available for other patches, such as Endless for TBC, Apollo 2 for Cataclysm, WoWFreakz for Legion.

❓ Is it safe to play on WoW Private Servers?

According to our research, it’s perfectly safe to be playing on private servers. As of yet, there have been no reports of issues by just playing on a WoW Server. WoW Private Servers are in general a grey area in terms of the legal aspect, and that’s mainly relevant for the server owner and the host, as they are responsible. The wow player is not responsible. There have however been complaints from the internet provider when downloading the WoW game client, which you should keep in mind.


After reading through our page at Zremax, you now know what a WoW Private Server is. You have learned whether you should be playing on one, and you know there are many different wow servers to choose between. Luckily, on Zremax, we have a big WoW Toplist of the best servers, making it easier for you to find your favorite private server. We have also given you an estimation of how many players are playing, throughout the world. Lastly, you now know how to connect to a World of Warcraft Private Server, and that we have a community related to this scene, available for you at Zremax.