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3.3.5a Twink-progressive NO-PROFIT server with 100% open-source development.

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Development team, that does his work.

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To be honest, if you are looking for server with ideal population level, Chromiecraft is not a choice at all.
But to be honest once again, Chromiecraft development team has ambition to solve every wotlk bug and as a bonus, all on open source level.
They have already made solutions for all of mine bugtracker issues.
Doing things this way, one day they will have bug free wotlk private server. Other private servers only two options. First: They will solve bugs on their own. Second option: They will become copy of Chromiecraft.
If you consider playing here, my in-game name is "Claymore", hope we will meet there. :)

Blizzlike experience, AzerothCore Framework

Written by Chuchuni Chuchuni
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This server is new, open source, and totally worth my time there. Very stable, and the leveling experience is like an official server. Haven't tried dungeons yet because I'm 10 and everyone is <30. It\'s a progressive server, the community is really there and 5 hours later I\'m so happy I gave it a go. Since it\'s fairly new its population is low. If you do decide to join, bring a tank and befriend me, Chuchuni horde side.

PS. seriously, give it a go, it won\'t disappoint.
PS2 did I mention you can contribute on the server\'s core? Github, pull request, boom, better server & experience for everyone.
PS3 did I also mention that it\'s not pay2win? All shop purchases are for cosmetics, mounts and pets, and if any donations go to the development, love these guys.

Best server out there

Written by horde251 horde251
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Best server out there, nothing else to add, coming from a wow veteran

Wonderful Time

Written by elkdarkshire elkdarkshire
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Had a wonderful time on ChromieCraft so far.
The community is nice, the lawenforcement is also good.
The staggered release is wonderful and leaves a lot of time for newcomers.

I also love the transparency on the website where you can
see all players online, on the map and statistics about the game.

Only thing I don't like is that its PvE (forcefully, would have liked it the other way around, turning off PvP optionally and having it on by default)
AND I dislike very much that multiboxing with no limit is allowed. I would have liked it if the maximum amount of characters online at a time was 2.

A friendly community

Written by gettheboom gettheboom
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If 6 months ago @zamecnik.erik9813 said this server is not the choice in terms of population; I can say that the server is more than alive having 350+ people online most of the time, it is not much, but a considerable amount of people.
In terms of quality, this might be the best by far I've played on and Tauri wow. Best scripted WotLK server. I'll mention some nice features that are not mentioned on their website like:
1. You get a few golds by email every 10 Levels
2. Events with custom content like world bosses that award chromie points on the website
3. No pay to win at all, visit the shop and see for yourself https://www.chromiecraft.com/rewards-catalogue/
5. GM's online every day sometimes even 3+ at a time (Not a server for cheaters :P )

That being said, I've been playing for a few weeks now and most likely will stick to this server after so much time spent on warmane, finally, something better came out! It's chromiecraft.

If you want to play together sometimes /w Gettheboom or follow me on twitch.tv/gettheboom (I stream only chromiecraft from time to time)

nice game

Written by manshekco manshekco
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excelent game 0 bug %

For me this server is only behind old global and Atlantiss for now

Written by ainzzgoal ainzzgoal
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Change population to 500-1000 stable.

Excellent server!

Written by Quadral Quadral
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Great to see servers like this around!

Outstanding Staff

Written by wolcer wolcer
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Downvote 1

The staff is very active, when you report a bug on github they respond the same day and start working on the fixes, the server itself is actually pretty great. Being progressive right now at the 60 level cap it feels like a fun Project 60 server. I hope they keep growing as they have been.

Best server was i see

Written by Soulcatsher Soulcatsher
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Downvote 1

This is Amazing private server! Enjoing and you be happy !

Pretty good private server

Written by kudorgyozo kudorgyozo
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I'm a new player but so far everything is pretty great.


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This server is really good!

Friendly and fun!

Written by sara sara
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It's a very fun and friendly server. RDF can be a bit slow late nights, so can some battlegrounds. But when the server peaks it's really fun there.

Fun progressive server

Written by unicornmanure unicornmanure
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The server is fun, friendly and has a great community! Highly recommended for someone looking for a new sever!

Hits its peak about 900-1000 daily around EU prime time, you can always check the players online one thier website too.

Biased reviews and not WOLTK/80 content

Written by Tyrvana Tyrvana
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No "p2w" that affects progression, RAF could be considered but it's quite poorly in consideration.
Currently maximum level is 60; which means no WOLTK content. Though it progresses from 1-80 over time it might be something for you.

RAF: You can only RAF someone that is NOT on the same IP address as you. Which means if you're playing with a family member there is no way to have benefits from RAF because of the poor effort in preventing abuse from their side. If you're using a VPN you're most likely going to get suspended anyways which is plainly stupid.
(Note: I have not asked if they make exceptions though i wouldn't get my hopes up from experience, but you know, never hurts to try.

This server is a joke

Written by Desperado Desperado
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

More like 200 stable with peaks of 600, no idea where they got the 1000 from...

Chromiecraft is a open beta, that is how playing there feels like permently.
You get chromie points for helping them fix the bugs and you get banned to for the same reason because you used the bug unknowingly.
Which in turn you can turn in for bags mounts and whatnot, but why would you want that if you got perma bann?
The pathing of the mobs is alright but with that everything has been said, magic mobs that mele is just a minor thing.
At the moment they are 59 as cap and every buff from felwood is bugged for half the time they have been able to reach 59.
While it worked before, but just like other pvt they fix one problem and gain 10 new problems...

Also they even state, that they reserve the right to take any action against any account as they see fit, bann for winning arena? pew, done

The Facts Please

Written by Desktop.Hunter Desktop.Hunter
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Console bans (no names shown to give by the way) when both parties were NOT questioned (and the other party flamed, taunted, etc.) Yes I did deserve the mute, but time and again I am the only one muted. Head GMs and Dev siding with their buddies even when proof was given. Certain players allowed to have free reign on comments in world while others are banned or muted for the same actions.
I am tired of the mutes being one-sided. I am tired of certain topics being moderated, yet Religious freedoms and rights are mocked openly.
Yes. It is a well running server. No, the population that some state is highly bloated in numbers. Voting system that rewards you if you say "this server is awesome". This blindly complimenting and/or voting up of the server must stop!

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