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Warmane - Lordaeron

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Lordaeron is a Wotlk Private Server and is Warmane's answer on a pure blizzlike realm. Lordaeron has 1X XP Rate, and PvP as realm-type. If you're into pure blizzlike servers, Lordaeron could be a good fit. It's an English speaking server, and is one the most popular servers for this expansion. Lordaeron, made by Warmane, has a healthy population, and there are a lot of groups to do dungeons/raids available. Originally, the RDF was disabled, but since then - Warmane has re-enabled it again. If you're into 1x blizzlike servers (not increased rates), then Lordaeron might be a good fit for you. Play Lordaeron here: https://www.warmane.com/

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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12 Reviews
(2.75 out of 5)

More Blizzlike than Blizzard

Written by TRO TRO
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Saw a lot of hate for Warmane before joining, it put me off because they were obviously the biggest so why wouldn't they be corrupt?

Well if you want a true 1x Blizzlike wotlk without ANY custom nonsense, just 100% the game you love, Lordaeron is the only spot I've found. Bug-free, no lag, high uptime and population, none of the surprise weirdness one comes to expect from private servers. Other servers have hidden modifications like free mounts, free gold, tiny little perks that are annoying to someone who just wants the classic experience. Lordaeron is the real classic experience. Unlike on Warmane the first day I logged into the modern blizzard server? Obnoxious Goblin motorcycles everywhere, even in the starter area, the corruption of the cash shop inescapable, ruining the game for fans

Say whatever you want about Warmanes cashshop on their other servers, maybe it sucks, who knows, all I see is that they have kept Lordaeron 1x, blizzlike, and 100% free of their cashshop, and when I started a character, there were just noobs without mounts running around, as it should be. If Warmanes cashshop in their other servers is wrong, so be it, but they they chose to cultivate a space to protect a 100% blizzlike 1x server which not even Blizzard could do, and they did it for people like you and me

They even have a download on the forums to change the classic wow graphics to the newest graphic updates. That means the Classic, unaltered 1x WOTLK game playable in the best quality player models, which feels even better than Blizzard.

Warmane - Lordaeron!

Written by warmane57 warmane57
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I recommend Warmane and in particular Lordaeron to anyone searching for a blizzlike Wotlk realm. They have a massive high population, and it's very active. Always possible to find groups for dungeons etc.

Not blizzlike

Written by smerritt196939 smerritt196939
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Lord is not blizzlike. Yes there is no shop and rates are 1x like retail. However scripting is not retail like for end game. Some bosses feature bigger health pools and shorter enrage timers compared to their other non seasonal realm icecrown, which is more blizzlike than lord is when it comes to scripts.

Awesome community and admins

Written by Morbus47 Morbus47
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No connection issues, all quests I've done have worked perfectly, and very active population. Only down side is that horde LOVE to farm lowbies. On the other hand though when they face another level 80 they're hot garbage at PvP, and then make an alt to SCREAM at you for ruining their fun lmao

As Blizzlike as you can ask

Written by hakohn hakohn
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It's 1:1 to what the real WotLK felt like, and it has a friendly community. I know people complain about fake population numbers on the website (which might be true?), but the game does feel alive, you often meet other players of low levels in leveling areas and there's always a dungeon you can find quickly at any level. Stable server. Have had my characters on there for a few years now - you don't need to quickly speed through the content in the fear that your progress may be reset soon; they have a dedicated realm for that, it being Frostmourne.
Will definitely recommend to experienced players and newbies alike!

Terrible, maybe even worse than blizzard

Written by Desperado Desperado
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I've been playing on here for 3+ months and left to search for another place...

First of all it is full with snowflakes, but what do you expect if someone already gets 24/48/92 hours ban for ninja'ng loot in dungeons.
I understand how frustrating a ninja is but there are good reasons why blizzard support didn't help with that because it is part of the game.
If you don't wanna have a chance at a ninja, rol with friends, it is that simple...

You only be accepted if you follow the meta and only get into raids if you have the achievement and bis gear otherwise you gotta build ur own guild from scratch.
And then still, people just won't go into icc unless they got the bis characters with the bis gear to just basicly faceroll it like lfr is in retail.
The scripting is so bad it is a joke, mobs flying tru the air are just a couple, every time they fix one bug they break 10 others.
Then they gotta go back to fix the 10 which breaks 100 others, it is a circle they never will break I guess...


Written by Voroshek Voroshek
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They declare rate x1 but it is lies. They set rate x10, x100 etc.

Mediocre with a punch line

Written by mastool mastool
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Many years of experience playing WOW on many servers. Warmane offered reliable somewhat dedicated staff. Here is my experience:
Server uptime is better than most.
Pretty reliable with less bugs.
Most quests actually work.
1x feels almost like the authentic wow.
Reduced number of quests as it is missing some of the original quests compare to the original WOW.
They have a reduction system of cutting total "gold" payments in half once every year.
Messing around with accounts that do not "sit well" with their views such as removing toons or reducing bank items.
Player limit per realm so you will have to sit in queue and wait your turn if a realm is full to capacity (for none paying players).

worthless staff

Written by thePretender thePretender
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Not a blizzlike server, much more closer to 2x or more. Not much to deter from the experience, but the claim of blizzlike is false - so if one part is false, other aspects are false as well. Example quest drops are 100%, (not blizzlike), leveling mats do 3pts per level vs one (not blizzlike) and much more. However, with that said, the server so far is pretty spot on and still seems to play well. There are an occasional missing quests, but seems to be limited to low level, and if you are using any type of guide these can easily be skipped without, simply because, as mentioned above, the xp to too high.

the 1/5 stars is because of the staff. Staff members are nothing short of toxic. Like many business, when they start getting big, they start turning into garbage. In todays world, customer service is so rare, and even more offensive when this toxic behaviors is brought to a game. No company, game or otherwise will ever get higher than a 1 when it comes to crap service.

If you want a blizzlike server, this is not it. If you want a solid server with fast leveling, you might like this. If you like raids - all good. However if your looking for some friendly service: Not here (it has gotten so bad, that even the "experienced" members are getting rude)

Choice is yours

Horrible server

Written by Krimtag Krimtag
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Fake population , Toxic community . And they locked my account for no reason .


Written by austin_ames austin_ames
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Can't even download the client. The download button is an image lmao. Pathetic.

The perfect place for anti-socials

Written by mikklas mikklas
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The server is toxic as shit, stay away! The developers expect screenshots depicting repeated abuse, meaning you have to be a professional snitch before they act that either installs recording software, or spend hours uploading images.

You'll quit within a week. This server is extremely unfriendly towards anyone that enjoys RPG games & you can't opt out of world PvP, meaning you will get spammed by no-lifers throughout the day who are using multiple accounts & knows the devs won't lift a finger.

The server is designed for this player. Even if you get them banned, it's for a few days and you'll have spent more time on it than the duration of the ban.

Do NOT touch this server! - it's also pay to win (all gear/mounts/characters can be bought & it's a giant shitshow with devs not caring about the experience whatsoever). 

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