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Featured Server

Featured Server

A cheaper opportunity to get your server listing stickied in the top!


per month

  • checkmarkServer Listing in the top
  • checkmarkAttractive effects on your listing
  • checkmarkReach thousands of WoW players
  • checkmarkAdvertise your WoW Server

Featured Server is the cheapest paid option. It gets your listed server at the top of the list for 30 days, and ensures that your server is noticeable

Banner Adspot

Banner Adspot

A perfect opportunitiy to get your WoW Private Server seen by thousands of players!


per month

  • checkmarkTop banner SPOT
  • checkmarkStatistics Panel: Views, Clicks, CTR
  • checkmarkGuaranteed to reach thousands of WoW players
  • checkmarkAdvertise your WoW Server

The Banner Adspot is for those who wish to take the extra mile on their advertisement, to reach more players for their Private Server

Start Advertising your WoW Server

Advertising through Zremax, is a perfect match for your WoW Private Server. All our visitors/traffic are WoW Private Server players who are looking for a server to play on. That makes it a perfect fit for your server.
You can also contact us through our contact page if you want to reach us directly.

If you want to go the extra mile, and guarantee more views and players, you can purchase Premium advertisement through Zremax.

Featured Server Benefits:


Guarantee your server listing to be in the top!


Extra Attention: Color Effects around your server, to make sure it stands out.


Gives your server thousands of more views. No more “being in the bottom of the toplist”, or at page 2. Now you’re in the top!

Why is promoting your WoW Private Server a good idea?

If you run a server, you know how important it is to stay active and healthy, as a server. If you don’t have enough of players, your server can risk dieing out rather quickly. In order to prevent your server from dieing out due to lack of players, you can use promotion.

Through the promotion on Zremax, you get your Server name out there. The players will get to know your server name, and be aware of its existence.

You will also notice more players on your server. The reason is simple:
– The paid advertisement spots make your server stand out! It shows that you’re serious, and gives you beneficial features.
For example, you will get in the top of the website, and players will notice your server.

The promotion of your Private Server doesn’t have to be paid (we offer free advertisement too). But the paid advertisement certainly make you stand you out from the rest of the servers.

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