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Server Features

  • Northrend.gg is a blend of the best wow private servers have to offer : quality blizzlike scripting mixed with Custom features like carefully crafted and balanced legendary weapons, warforging and reforging, class perks, and many other features ! Quality of life features and items are also at the core of our philosophy and of course our dynamically scaled solo raids. Your gameplay experience will be blizzlike just hyper-scaled and enhanced!

    Server Information

    Instant 80 or start from any level using the tokens from the starter gear vendor and choose your xp rate with .xp set 1-10
    World chat is /4 Looking For Group (English only please, unless you are guild recruiting)

    ·        Instant 80
    ·        Spells & Starter Gear
    ·        PVP BG's / Arena & Island
    ·        Activity Based Reputation
    ·        Crossfaction
    ·        Custom Currencies
    ·        Warforging
    ·        Reforging
    ·        Flex & Solo Raids
    ·        Mythic 5-Man Dungeons
    ·        Shadowlands Mounts
    ·        All Races & Classes
    ·        Transmog System
    ·        Latest AzerothCore
    ·        Custom Events
    ·        World Bosses
    ·        DDOS & Cheat Protection
    ·        Data Backups

Server News

WoW server news
The best mix between a Blizzlike WoTLK and a Custom Server is goingSeasonal From June 2023! - We'll Be Back Soon!We have decided to reset the Northren...

Server Reviews

11 Reviews
(3.91 out of 5)

Really Enjoyable..

Written by Disclosure Disclosure
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I've really enjoyed the process of creating and gearing up every class on this server. The gameplay is top-notch and there's always something new to discover and achieve. The community on this server is fantastic. I've made a lot of friends and always feel welcome. The events and activities are also a highlight for me - there's always something to do and it keeps things fresh. I highly recommend giving this server a try.

One of the best Private Servers for 2023?

Written by bloodmoon_ bloodmoon_
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Launcher - Man the launcher is insane i like it a lot!

Starting - Little boring to get your Starter Gear but i like the tutorial!

Grind - The grind is good , very enjoyable , nice custom currency and the Daily Quests are good!

Mythic+ - Insane mann!

Menu - The UI is nice, the starting screen, logo everything is good! Also the mounts are nice!

Community - They help nonstop and they are ready for RAID!

Overall - The server is good i like the nonstop updates and changes! Its not waste of time but still there is a lot of more needed! :D

Repeat player

Written by Watchoutlol Watchoutlol
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I’ve played here a few times over the years. Usually is a fun solo experience. Not very difficult to get into most content being able to solo naxx ulduar icc etc.. I initially struggled with getting into mythic groups but server added RDF mythic which made pugging a lot easier when not trying to push high levels and just want to gear. The Ring of Law I got to try once and that was a whole different experience with a “tower” like feel as the levels just seemed to keep going. All in all I enjoy this realm and community and will 100% try their new seasonal approach.

Constant improvement

Written by smorc smorc
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Been playing on this server for over 2 years.
They decided to completely change directions over a year ago, and made improvements on pretty much all aspect.

The M+ system is absolutely the best out there, there's a ton of exclusive content, and the raid quality is basically blizzlike while being flexible.

Don't listen to players telling you it's aimed towards donations. They disabled the shop for half a year now, and are paying everything out of pocket. Everything can be farmed for free pretty easily, and a lot of the latest changes have been QOL oriented to make player experience more enjoyable.

Definitely recommand, all this needs is a bit more population

Looking great

Written by gavoz gavoz
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I played the beta test before the launch and the server is looking really good

Enjoying it

Written by Elgarth Elgarth
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Although the server is instant 80, I thoroughly enjoyed levelling 1-79 for the unique mount and I am enjoying my experience at 80 even more, great community for the whole and always made to feel welcome.

Amazing Server

Written by god2 god2
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One of the most fun I have had in WoW in a long time.


Written by friendlyhougen friendlyhougen
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Fairly quiet and tight-knit, but it's fun!

Capitalized server.

Written by Rakxas Rakxas
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After 1-2 days of play, you will run out of solo content. Unless you enjoy soloing ICC 10man daily.

That would be okay if it wasnt for the fact that there are 60 players online on average, 40 of those already being BiS or close to it, with little to no intention to do anything else than dailies and ICC25hc with one of the only 2 guilds able to, which requires 10+players. Good luck.

BGs are usually 2v2 scenarios when they trigger, sometimes on weekends it becomes a 6v6 where you will get one shotted by anyone wearing BiS. Worst balance ive seen in a while.

Forget about world events. If its a mob kill, it will be camped on respawn, you will never see it. If it involves more players, you can bet you will be heavily outmatched.

If you enjoy staring at the sky waiting for the next chance to be able to do something, by all means go ahead and play. Endure a few weeks of grinding the same thing over and over on a daily basis so you can get some of your BiS and join the ranks of a stalemate community.

The guy before me sums it up really well

Written by dkpbsd dkpbsd
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The guy before me sums it up really well


Written by bilbob228 bilbob228
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the server itself is hilariously MORE grind than any of the other private servers on ZREmax

want to get something other than 264 gear? well you need 5000 hero coins
how do you get hero coins? the fastest way is the gundrak glitch which gets you 25
well done you got 10 mythic coins
2990 to go!!!!!!!!!

i am amazed that this aint even the worst part

if you so much as ask a slight question/suggestion/criticism then you will get BANNED

don't believe me? go and ask this in discord/global/guild chat "why are the benches directly on the quest givers?"

incredible how this server runs they had a a big opportunity to collect the wow portal refugees but did they?

no eat 200$ vip fee instead

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