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Netherwing - Stormforge

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Netherwing is a TBC Private Server delivered by Stormforge. It is one of the most popular servers for this expansion and is liked by many players.

The server authors are a combination of the famous project - Tauri, and Atlantiss. They have teamed up and created the realm Netherwing.

It is known for its high quality, well-scripted content, and high playerbase. In general, it's a very liked server that's definitely worth trying out if you're into TBC!

The realm (Netherwing) by Stormforge is running on patch 2.4.3, and you can download a TBC client from this link.
Happy gaming.

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Server Reviews

6 Reviews
(2.33 out of 5)

Having a good time

Written by petro8001 petro8001
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To the guy who gave 1 star saying "there are other BC private servers" ... no there is literally none other, this is only one that is populated one.

Server overall is fine, it's private so will never be perfect, but BGs pop non-stop along with arenas, 3s is really active, it's the only place where good TBC PvP exists (WotLK classic PvP sucks)

Very solid TBC server

Written by Brenson Brenson
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Top tier scripting - uses the Atlantiss TBC core and this is their 3rd server, its extremely close to classic quality. Very populated as well. The server is 3x XP btw, not 1x like it says here, but you can set it down to 1x if you want. It also released a few months ago, not in 2022.

Non-stop BG/arena 2s + decent 3s queues times as well.
The raid content is buffed though beyond blizz values, so if that's not your thing you will not be pleased, I found a guild and having a fun time progressing SSC though. The dungeons/heroics seem to be the same difficulty. The world feels alive although sometimes that means there will be heavy contesting of open world stuff like air elementals.

Awesome server, having a lot of fun!


Written by lfrostvacuum lfrostvacuum
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This server is a waste of time. they banned me for insulting gold sellers and spammers of World Chat in their private but they don't give a sh*i about gold sellers or boosters or account sellers and even renaming or faction change services that been provided by some random people and not via website.
scripting is 0.5 of 5 and server is full of retards or Chinese afk or non answering dummies.

Don't waste your time

Written by vopedi7752 vopedi7752
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- Server is infested with bots
- Global chat is amongst the most toxic of private servers
- 0 moderation
- I reported harassment... and get a permaban
Don't waste your time on this server ; there are other BC private servers.

My account got deleted for no reason.

Written by superdupersimon superdupersimon
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They just banned my account for "3rd party mods", I was using an actionbar mod called Bartender. They would have to ban every single account for that. Actually they just wanted to free up my character names. Which shows how trustworthy and honorable the Stormforge staff is. Thank you for deleting hours of my life so your friend can have my character name.

Don't waste your time

Written by Tehbkah Tehbkah
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