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Maelstrom is an upcoming Cataclysm realm, coming March 3rd, 2023 - 8:00 PM CET. It is a realm that has been worked on for years. Countless of bugs were fixed, thousands of changes were applied by a team of experienced developers. Maelstrom is going to offer classic Cataclysm experience, with some quirks and changes. Realm:

  • XP Rate: x3 (1-60), x2 (80-85)

  • Ruleset: Blizzlike


  • Racial Shift: allows you to swap your racial abilities with another race.

  • Ancestral Wisdom: each level 85 character increases XP and Reputation gains of your whole account by 15%.

  • Auto-Learn: all new spells are learned automatically for free without the necessity of visiting your class trainer. You will also automatically receive mounts at the appropriate levels.

  • Flight Paths Unlocked: all flight paths are unlocked by default (except 80-85 zones).

  • Expansion Skip: You will have the option to skip TBC and WotLK content if you want. We are here to play Cataclysm!

  • Support: Our support team answers tickets in less than 40 days (maximum 24 hours) and is made of real people, blood and flesh. No automated scripts, we focus on a Player First model of support.

  • No GDKP: GDKP is banned, and goldbuyers/goldsellers/bots will have a hard time playing on Maelstrom with our clientside anticheat.

  • Mograine Transfers: transfer your Mograine character and receive account-wide title: Crusader

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Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(2.67 out of 5)

Great to see Cataclysm servers!

Written by Xenos Xenos
Upvote 4
Downvote 0

Awesome to see a fresh Cataclysm server releasing!

Too many bugs

Written by Stuckedx Stuckedx
Upvote 0
Downvote 1

If you like full bug servers then whitemane is for you !


Upvote 0
Downvote 1

Too bugged, broken quests, unplayable.

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