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Whitemane - Maelstrom

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Maelstrom is an legacy Cataclysm realm. It is a realm that has been worked on for years. Countless of bugs were fixed, thousands of changes were applied by a team of experienced developers. Maelstrom is offers classic Cataclysm experience, with some quirks and changes. Realm:

  • XP Rate: x3 (1-60), x2 (80-85)

  • Ruleset: Blizzlike


  • Racial Shift: allows you to swap your racial abilities with another race.

  • Ancestral Wisdom: each level 85 character increases XP and Reputation gains of your whole account by 15%.

  • Auto-Learn: all new spells are learned automatically for free without the necessity of visiting your class trainer. You will also automatically receive mounts at the appropriate levels.

  • Flight Paths Unlocked: all flight paths are unlocked by default (except 80-85 zones).

  • Expansion Skip: You will have the option to skip TBC and WotLK content if you want. We are here to play Cataclysm!

  • Support: Our support team answers tickets in less than 40 days (maximum 24 hours) and is made of real people, blood and flesh. No automated scripts, we focus on a Player First model of support.

  • No GDKP: GDKP is banned, and goldbuyers/goldsellers/bots will have a hard time playing on Maelstrom with our clientside anticheat.

  • Mograine Transfers: transfer your Mograine character and receive account-wide title: Crusader

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Great to see Cataclysm servers!

Written by Xenos Xenos
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Awesome to see a fresh Cataclysm server releasing!

Very good server

Written by Lucar77 Lucar77
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I played on several servers: Warmane, Ascension, Firestorm, Tauri, Circle, Turtle, among others, but this server is so enjoyable that I decided to abandon all the others. I didn't find any bugs in leveling up to 90 in the two characters I play and they have an admirable quality of life, unlike other servers where there is only annoyance with cowardly ganks all the time and kids who join dungeon groups to get in the way out of spite. If you are looking for a calm and fair game, play at whitemane.

Sorry my english!

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