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StormGarde hereby present a unique solo experience, placed in the realms of pandaria, with an artificial intelligence system populating the World Of Warcraft universe. Sign up today and venture into the unknown.

Our vision for this project is allowing future players to enjoy the game at a casual level without falling too far behind.
We have therefore implemented a playerbot AI system, which will improve the overall solo gameplay
It also include open world interaction

Not within your taste ? Fear not, you can also use your own alt characters as bots.
The server is build around this system, so whether you're a hardworking adult or a teen buried in homework, you can always return and pickup where you left off.  

We've been running since February 2020, with a high uptime, friendly community and staff.  

Wildhammer | Mists Of Pandaria | Features :
- Playerbots for open world interaction
- Crossfaction | Except BG / Arena
- Free promotion | 90 + Gear |
Website Features:
- Character Boost | 90 |
- Teleportation
- Character tool
- Name, appearence change + more.
- Character transfer
- Recruit a friend
- Weekly voting rewards | Donor Points | Working store, including Gold + Custom mounts.
Discord : https://discord.gg/S8sJwEE

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Server Reviews

35 Reviews
(4.14 out of 5)

Nice Server

Written by test94 test94
Upvote 15
Downvote 0

I love Black Vision. Please merry me. Good server, he is dedicated.

Friendly staff

Upvote 14
Downvote 0

Love how far the staff goes to help out players in need.
Friendly community, well scripted server.


Upvote 13
Downvote 0

The server is just amazing! Amazing and always helping staff! The server is perfect for solo and multiplayer play! Come, join and see for youself!


Upvote 15
Downvote 0

I like how informative they are, server wise.
Haven't had any issue here yet.

Just great !

Written by sheilasoeborg40 sheilasoeborg40
Upvote 14
Downvote 0

Playing on their BFA realm.
Some amazing work I must say, even that they release new updates (fixes) every week!

Excellent community

Written by helenefon28 helenefon28
Upvote 14
Downvote 0

I think it's fantastic the way this server is being runned.
The staff is incredibly kind.
Playing in Hailstone.

wanna start playing

Upvote 5
Downvote 0

how many players are queing arenas

Read server rules

Written by ServerTules ServerTules
Upvote 17
Downvote 0

To the reviewer below.
If you would take the time to read up on the server / discord rules, you would know that our discord is not a bug report forum, this is why posts regarding this were deleted.
Asking for help because of bugs is not against our discord rules, tho this is not the case.

"After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped" Again, tell your friend to read our rules as they state this

Do not PM the server owner asking for help, reporting bugs etc.
Use our general discussion or support channels.
You can always tag our Support team.
(This is duo to my own Discord getting flooded with text messages.)

your friend violated two simple rules.

And to inform you, I didn't receive any complaints. ( I've only been in contact with 1 player this year. )
I got to stop you right there, I never call anyone unfriendly because of DM's about bugs.
It wouldn't benefit me to keep a server open, which by the way I self-finance, just to be mean to people.

A Real Players Review

Written by Synwulfe Synwulfe
Upvote 4
Downvote 0

To start, I am not associated with the staff or owners of this server. I started WoW on day one, migrating over from Everquest, and eventually became a WoW hardcore meta player in a U.S. Top 5 progression guild. Once I retired from U.S progression, I became the GM of a top 3 server guild who remained in the top 3 from TBC and through the end of MoP when I retired from WoW completely. I have an employee who plays retail and our conversations had me feeling nostalgic but I don't have the time available to put into retail WoW. My alternative was to return to the private server scene. I've played on at least a dozen of private servers and even ran my own for a bit. As such, here is my breakdown of Stormgarde based on my own past, experiences, expectations and desires for a server.

Stormgarde currently has a population which can only be described as abysmal. In my time playing, I've not seen more than three characters in /who at any given moment. I find that this server is highly under-rated and I'm rather shocked by its low population. Now, the server is fairly new compared to most with higher populations and unlike most other servers, they don't exaggerate their population which I appreciate. As I browse the servers website, I'm left with a sense that the owner(s) want's honesty and integrity to prevail over false population numbers.

Stormgarde is a 4.3.4 Cataclysm server with very few modifications that I can find. No mall, no fabricated starting areas with S20 gear dangling like low fruit on a tree. You start in the standard starting areas and you quest, just like in retail. After playing on more than a dozen private servers, I found this to be refreshing... Let's face it, how nostalgic can it really be with malls, transmog NPC's and arena gear everywhere?

Stormgarde is a solo server but they handle it better than any other server I've found. They don't use solocast like so many others do. For me, that was a huge disappointment... Level 70 elite with 400 hit points and it goes down in one hit; how is that fun? Not Stormgarde, they left everything alone and added bots. They offer a nice selection of Heirloom gear obtained through voting points to give you that edge in the level grind and when you want to hit dungeons or raids, spawn your party and get to work.

No pay to win... I am actually liking the server so much that I wanted to help support the server; throw some money at them but no... They don't want the money. Their is no donation system and voting rewards are nothing that you can't already get in game. I've not seen any custom gear, no god gear, no pay to win gear. It is simply just Cataclysm WoW with bots that enable you to create your own parties and/or raids.

I applaud the owner(s) not only for what they are doing but also for what they are not doing. Keep up the great work!

A great server for \"at your own pace\" gaming

Written by wachuwamekil wachuwamekil
Upvote 3
Downvote 0

I've been a player on the server for about 2 months, in that time I have really enjoyed the structure of the server.

The idea of a solo experience may turn many off, but for my life it's fantastic. I didn't get to experience this expansion at launch, and being able to run content without having to rely on others is great. I'm also less worried about having to drop when life gets in the way. The owner is clear and transparent about what is going on, and the discord community is great. There is a store, that uses vote points, but it is more focused on things you can already get in game. I've enjoyed being able to power level professions because I can't spend hours gathering things.

One item I'm looking forward to when the core stabilizes is being able to change the experience rate. It's currently really high, but that isn't a problem I'm still running areas storyl ines that I want to see even though I don't get a ton of toon progression.

Keep up the great work Black Vision!

Great Server Owner, friendly community

Written by Sai Sai
Upvote 3
Downvote 0

Love this server, the people are very friendly and very helpful of any issues that pop up.

Awesome Place To Be.

Written by Exalted Exalted
Upvote 3
Downvote 0

Been playing on Stormgarde since the begining and it has been by far the greatest Cataclysm server I have been on. Everyone is super friendly and it is easy to navigate through Discord, the website and ingame. Looking for a great place to play wow at your own pace? With bots to help you level, quest and get gear. You've found the right spot to be. Join today and start your new journey. Thanks to the owner and dev's. Keep up the gr8 work.

Npcbot is awesome

Written by likon69 likon69
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

With the npcbot this game changes completely. You are free to do what you want without wasting time. You can form a group of friends and kill all the enemies. I recommend to try it.

Enjoying a lot

Written by acristo acristo
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Have been player for almost two months, and I'm really enjoying, npcbot , server stability, starting bonus, instances and everything you need for a great solo experience...


Written by k0i_ k0i_
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Purely excellent service. Tickets are handled almost immediately. By far the best server I have ever played on! People here are decent. I thank you admins for making this server! i love you guys!!

Best of luck!

Written by ok41 ok41
Upvote 15
Downvote 0

Fingers are crossed. I hope the server will grow, I like your concept and dedication.

Great server

Written by Teezy Teezy
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

The server encourages player botting to assist in solo content. The devs are definitely among the best I've ever come across in my time using private servers. Crashes do happen like any private server but they are usually up quite quickly and the devs are always communicating with us the whole time.

Best Bots

Written by Maybira Maybira
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

You can do whatever you like, Arena,BG,Raiding, Heroics etc. these Bots are great!

Good server

Written by Squezp Squezp
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Best MoP server around, you can always do what i want, since theres bots! Arenas, bgs, raids etc


Written by Neveride Neveride
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Hello JamesRick12, this is Game Master Neveride on StormGarde, bringing a quote from Black Vision with me(he can't post stuff himself, as an owner!)

"Hello JamesRick12.

We have never stated that raids are doable with bots at this moment, especially not end game raids.
they're still in early alpha, same as Wildhammer itself.
The bots behavior as well as tactics are still being worked on everyday.

Dungeons are however very much doable, as I've tested them all.

About your complaint towards our Head Admin, I'd have preferred if you had made a ticket via discord, as I take this very seriously, and will not accept this kind of behavior.

But with that said, I'm always keeping an eye out on Discord, and never have I seen him act as you describe, a moron.

Though, thank you for your kind words, we are doing our best to keep the community as friendly as possible.

Feel free to contact me in private via Discord.

NOTE : GM's are not here to boost players through Siege of Orgrimmar, or any other raids.

Best Regards
Black Vision

Server Owner"


Written by hardstyle-hsp82 hardstyle-hsp82
Upvote 14
Downvote 0

You got to love their companion system.
makes everything that much easier.


Written by nonam397 nonam397
Upvote 14
Downvote 0

I have been playing on the server since February on / off.
And every time I return, I am amazed at how much has changed for the better.

I can truly recommend this server for everyone why want to play at a causal level.

Stormgarde going strong!

Written by zremax zremax
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Great to see that Stormgarde is still progressing well.

This sever is great

Written by Thatguythat30 Thatguythat30
Upvote 13
Downvote 1

i have been on this sever now for way over 2 years now and never have i been disapointed of this sever yet and when. So i will say that this is a small sever i will gladly recomend to other people even when some people like the SPP group spout nonsens about it when they never have talked to this super comunity about it.
So all in all i will give this sever a 8-10

Very Good Priv Serv

Written by repptilex1 repptilex1
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

I'm a multi glad fwarr and i love to do arenas/bgs and doin quests too,so when you like the same,you need to try this out.

Play Solo or with people

Written by BeeBoi BeeBoi
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

I'm usually pretty busy during the day so when I get time to sit down and actually play the game the solo aspect really helps. While there are some crashes it's back up immediately. The owner communicates well in discord and on any issues received. Sometimes the bots give me a headache but they're improving all the time. If you like MoP you need to give this a try.

Great moment spend this server

Written by booba45650 booba45650
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

Nice playerbot system that allow you to explore the expention alone or with other players.
Script are pretty well made and there is no major bugs that can damage the gameplay.
I love this server when i want to play alone without any time requirement.
Keep this server alive please :)

So far so good

Written by Remaile Remaile
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

I haven't been here that long, but from what I've seen so far it's the only cataclysm server that provides a solid soloing experience. The npc bots are mostly really well done, though they do at times get a bit incompetent. I have however done ICC, OS, Firelands, 3 of the first bosses of Dragon Soul, most if not all of the vanilla, wrath and mid tier cata dungeons and more with a team of both 5 and 10 bots, and they function exactly like group and raid members would.The staff and devs are very courteous and polite and players are very helpful. I've had people come online just to run me through a raid and help me acquire higher end gear for myself and my bots. They also have a promotion going on which gives you a lvl 85 boost, 20,000 gold, twilight harbinger mount and armani battle bear, and 371 gear, very handy if you want to skip the leveling and go straight into raiding and still have gold to spare for flying, etc.


Written by jamesrick12 jamesrick12
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

The server itself is basically an arena/BG server with bots

the server itself has bots but they are barely functional (no stop attack/do not attack ETC functions)

none of the raids and barely any of the instances are soloable with bots and the head admin is a moron who spouts memes and does nothing at all

HOWEVER the owner of the server (black vision) and community are absolutely fantastic really nice people who go above and beyond

TL;DR server suffers massive progress issues and is plagued by a retard head admin however literally everything else is 10/10 with a REALLY cool owner

Kaileena is playing on this server!

Written by dragonbs dragonbs
Upvote 2
Downvote 0

I love this server! I am a starter on Cataclysm and I think it is the best server for me.

Donald Trumpers

Written by restaured85 restaured85
Upvote 0
Downvote 22

The way they filled their review space with OBVIOUSLY fake posts reminds me of a certain "president"'s tweets... Do you think gamers are that stupid?!? I guess yes, which means you are the dumb ones ;)

Unfriendly Owner

Upvote 0
Downvote 14

I made the rate of my experience Fair because of the Community itself, however after speaking with the Owner of the server in direct messages on Discord. He had explained that he expects complaints on Both Project One and Hailstone PTR. Afterwards my Friend had explained to me about him being very dishonest about his community explaining that he does everything for his community, After the Owner received several complaints about the Bugs on Project One, He proceeded to delete the complaints in his forum to hide the fact that his main server is covered with bugs and that there is no point hold up two servers if the one is super buggy and completely unplayable. The Owner is named Black Vision, After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped, Nope he did not the Owner decided to insult my friend by calling him "Unfriendly" because of dming the Owner about the bugs. My friend direct messaged the Owner because the Bugs being reported in the forum were not being resolved if anything they were being either deleted or denied. The Owner of this server is more manipulative then he makes himself out to be. The server is fine have fun with it but I wouldn't recommend it. EitherSide is a pretty decent server with Friendly staff.

Bit confused.

Written by TimeDoesTell27 TimeDoesTell27
Upvote 0
Downvote 14

They cant make up their mind if they are affiliated with the SPP or SSP? Which is it? Well they are claiming zremax tagged them as spp, obviously bullshit. They tried to use the name of another group for traffic and donations and when they got called out and asked for explaination the people were immediately banned. Great way to handle shit. But it is ok. They claim it was all a misunderstanding....

Nice bot accounts

Written by TripleX TripleX
Upvote 0
Downvote 1

The server is buggy, the Admins refuse to make any time. And I see the comments yeah nice bots Black Vision.

bad Experience bad GM Shit server!

Written by medion1993 medion1993
Upvote 0
Downvote 1

This Server is So Buggy

you Cant go Low DUngeons boz all is Buggy the second boss in the mine one hit you

and if you say something negativ the ban you from discord


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