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Stormforge - Mistblade

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Stormforge is a Mists of Pandaria Private Server running on patch 5.4.8. The realm, Mistblade, is offered by Tauri and Atlantiss, who teamed up together. This means you can expect the Mistblade realm to have a high quality in terms of working content, such as quests, dungeons and more! It has a experience rate of 3X, but you can adjust between 1-3X depending on your preferences. The realm released the 7th of Januar 2022. If you're looking for a MoP 5.4.8 Server, Stormforge (Mistblade) might be the perfect fit for you! It is one of the most popular MoP Private servers for the time being.

Happy gaming.

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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Server Reviews

11 Reviews
(2.18 out of 5)

El mejor

Written by Nobbita Nobbita
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Es uno de los mejores que e jugado

I\'m having a great time

Written by ImWorking42069 ImWorking42069
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I've been playing on this server for a few months and have had nothing but a pleasant experience. Of course there are a few bugs here and there, but there's bugs in retail which is run by an entire company.. Player wise, everyone is nice and social. I haven't run into any trolls or spammers other than a few gold sellers who I simply block. And of course there's some ganking, but that's part of the game and I don't think it happens often enough to be a problem. I haven't had a reason to contact any GMs so I can't speak to that though.

The 1 star review on here paints a completely innacurate picture. I'm having a great time on this server! I have, and will continue, recommending this server to my friends.

I wanted to make this post because I'm enjoying the server and I don't want people to be turned off of trying it due to a single negative review. So give it a try and see if you like it. It is free afterall..


Written by imjustahonestguy imjustahonestguy
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Where do i start..
-Scripting is for the most part fine, few bugs here and there which is expected since it's fresh server but none of the bugs encountered halted my progression and lvling was a smooth sailing from start to finish. Older dungeons/raids are properly scripted as well.
-The server is pvp which i dislike since i was camped on several occasions by lvl 90 full pvp geared rogues but community was nice enough to come to my aid in Hellfire Peninsula when i wined about it in /world so its not that bad really and i've had fun dueling with people around my level since it helps break monotony of doing quests without stopping.
-Community is... really mixed, you have new players, veterans, toxic gankers, wholesome and chatty people so my experience so far is kinda overturning from average to the negative because there are in my opinion more toxic little shitheads than genuinely normal people that literally cannot wait 10 seconds for your group to finish off that group of mobs you pulled so they pull more ,which strains your healer so much he can barely keep outhealing the damage and guess what? Here comes the boss too! So it results in wiping and dissatisfaction between teammates and its all downhill from there. People are really impatient overall and take objective criticism as a threat instead of a hint which results in votekicking because "you're halting their progression" or something along those lines. (Sorry this turned into a personal rant but it's true.)
-Is it fun? Absolutely!(even tho imo it's subjective meaning if you don't like MOP you won't like it duh), i've had my share of fun on SF but for every nice interaction i got 2 bad ones. If there is anything i learned over the course of 4 years playing on different private servers is that toxicity (if not punished or frowned upon) will spread and ultimately ruin the community cuz if he can talk shit, ninja , try to votekick and is being a general asshat for no apparent reason other than wanting to be one and get away with it why couln't anyone really?
Oh and some players were mentioning hackers in wc and were very frustrated since they can't do anything about them but i've yet to encounter one so i am not sure if it's true or not.
-On a good note: devs are constantly tracking bugs and focusing on fixing them day in and out and are transparent with the community on discord which is very nice.
-Uptime is great, population as well, instant dungeon pop almost always (as a tank mind you) on any level, every zone has players in it which could be bad or good depending on which faction they are and are they 40 levels above you or not.
-Shop doesn't contain any gear, only mounts and level boost which is a big thumbs up from me and I hope they keep it that way.
-Is it the best server out there? Or at least MoP wise? No and no, but it has potential to become one in the near future if only admins could keep the community in check and thin the crowd a bit by separating rotten apples from the good ones (refer to -Community).

-So... Is it worth playing on?

Im sorry but not really, I wouldnt recommend anyone to play on Stormforge when Tauri does almost everything better and most of all COMMUNITY is really better compared to SF, BUT if you are bottered by low pop Tauri now has and want to experience older raids from mop (which is the reason im curently staying on SF) without begging people in wc give it a whirl otherwise, MoP wise go Tauri honestly.

Pretty decent ;)

Written by Numinex Numinex
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My first experience with WoW happened on stormforge and I can only be positive about it. Yeah there was a few incidents with other players but ayy that doesn't mean i should throw away a basket just because of a few bad apples. Even met some nice people along the way ^^ so at least give it a try

Technically fine, practically just ... not worth it.

Written by ehmvRvJzioTGKwke ehmvRvJzioTGKwke
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Given that Mistblade runs on the Tauri MoP core, there should be no doubt that the technology of the server is top notch. Scripting is borderline flawless, uptime is pretty decent as well, the Stormforge.gg website is really high quality as well. I mean, from a technological point of view... it's really well executed. But then... there's the people involved. The players are rude, incompetent, belligerent, the admins don't much seem to care about what the actual player experience is like, GMs are incredibly hard to reach by any other means than ingame tickets (which already are notoriously unreliable on most private servers). Point being -- The tech is great but the human factor really just isn't. You will *not* have a good time playing on this server. You really will not. Not even if you decide to just play for yourself and ignore the childlike community. Because, it's a PvP server... so, ganking will happen. And it will happen a lot. Far too much to be even remotely acceptable. Really, avoid Mistblade like the plague, you'll be doing yourself a favor. And the world too, the sooner this server dies of poor population, the better. Back to the drawing board, Atlantiss and Tauri. Really, I'd have expected more from the two of you.

Don't waste your time here

Written by vopedi7752 vopedi7752
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- Server is infested with bots
- Global chat is amongst the most toxic of private servers
- 0 moderation
- I reported harassment... and get a permaban
Don't waste your time on this server ; there are other BC private servers.

Absolutely worthless mods + community

Written by Nasturtia Nasturtia
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I moved here from Whitemane. Initially I had a much better experience, since this server is pretty well scripted. It's not perfect like some people say it is (there are some obnoxious bugs, like invincible enemies in dungeons), but it was overall much more fun for a time.

Keyword for a time, because once you get into the actual meat of the game, the flaws under the surface show itself. This server's community is absolutely horrible: not just the players, but the mods themselves. It's literally FULL of racist and immature little children; it's like a sad parody of 4chan forced into Warcraft. The ganking and harassment is also ridiculous; people in the worldchat even like to taunt low-level players about it.

The mods are not only near-nonexistent, they actually don't give a shit about their own rules- there's even popular guilds called "retards" and "downies." (Look at rule 8 on their site.)

There's more, but I don't have enough space to say it all. Long story short, don't join this.


Written by Maksko Maksko
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-Mods are nonexistent; I've only seen one GM (Crysis) 'occasionally' show up in the 4-5 months I've been on the server. Reporting similarly does nothing.

-Lopsided PVP, especially if you're on Horde. Alliance gets a number of benefits here, and this emboldens them to pull annoying shit all the time (Thrallmar gets ganked by 90s constantly, max-level Alliance will randomly kill and teabag you while questing, Horde cities and starting areas get attacked all the time, the list goes on.)

-Server's community is extremely toxic. You will be randomly flamed and kicked from groups without warning. Worldchat is a shithole too

-Dungeon queues are terrible, especially at lower levels. You will always be missing a tank or healer. People also love to decline when ready

-The "no bugs" thing is a lie, I've seen several obnoxious glitches. Random crashes, bosses (like Chillheart) turning invincible, sudden lag (they even had to briefly shut down the server when the Sha turned unkillable!), etc.


Written by mikaela120 mikaela120
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do you like edgy 13-14 year olds screaming "HITLER WAS RIGHT" in global chat? what about ninja-looters stealing your stuff, or gungho pullers wiping your pug and blaming you for not healing? maybe you like rogues hiding in cities and sapping you? ooor, how about people camping leveling zones all day? there's much more, so if you love all of that, this server is perfect for you! seriously though, this server is a festering pile of shit and it's better to stay faar away from it

horrible management

Written by Miller5862 Miller5862
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So i loved MoP. i deicided to play a private server because i really missed that experience. i started a monk and ended up spending money to just boost it in level. literally the same day i see a gm squelch someone for something i didnt think was a issue i cant remember what and i said so in chat. me and another player commented wed quit if the gm did it to us. well the gm not only squelched me but decided to open a private message with me to rub salt into the wound because he was god in that world. i told him F you i literally just spent money on your crappy buggy server and this is how you treat people. he banned me. stormforge is the only private 1x pvp server for mop but they didnt do any of the work to create it... if tauri would simply give us a 1x pvp server tauri wow would be king still. i dont recommend spending money on this server it feels like i was scammed by some teenagers who simply opened up a private server using tauris version and want to feel special. i will simply wait for classic mop and i suggest you do too.

Worst shit ever

Written by Storpikiroev Storpikiroev
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So for average players its problem a okay server, but in fact that 5% speaks English. Most of the community is lame as fuck, wont cooperate in BGs or in Dungeons, Gamemaster are small kids with 0 respect for users. I tried the server for a week now and are not returning back, waste of data.

This shit needs a re-do.

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