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Felsong - Legion

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Release - 20.05.2023 at 11am UTC! Felsong is a blizzlike legacy Legion project delivered by the passion driven team members of WoW Freakz and Firestorm, united under a new banner. Our server is based on the 7.3.5 client, however, content will be delivered progressively - from the very beginning of the Legion expansion - following blizzlike patch releases.

What does this mean more exactly?

Class spells and items such as trinkets and tier sets are tuned for patch 7.3.5 and we already have the latest quality of life features.

Item levels, damage, and health of NPCs, raids, dungeons and PvP seasons, quests, class campaigns, as well as professions, are scaled or locked accordingly for patch 7.0.3.

Server Rates:

Starting level = 98
Starting gear = 660 item level
XP = 1.5x
Gold = 1x
Reputation = 1x
Currency = 1x
Item drop = 1x

Server Features:


Jump directly onto the Broken Isles and level up at 1.5x experience rate.


We are not generating new items or gold into the server.


Guilds, LFG, Dungeons, Raids and PvP have cross-faction enabled.


Bad RNG? Just convert any legendary into any other you desire.

Legacy Content

Most legacy dungeons and raids are already available and accessible, however, in the current stage, not all of them may be fully functional. As development goes on, we are committed to ensure that all of them can be fully completed in every difficulty setting in order to farm them for transmogs, mounts, and titles.

Server News

No other news from this server

Server Reviews

7 Reviews
(2.00 out of 5)

They are Prepared

Written by eljael eljael
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Formely known as Wowfreakz

Anything pertaining Legion is on there highest priority list, bug fixes, quests, raids, dungeons, everything else like legacy content as in older raids/dungeons for transmog are not.

So the people here are complaining about Bugs and broken content of old raids/dungeons for transmog, think about it.

I played through all the Legion Zones, did all Dungeons...M+ and Raids, the truth is that i had to relog at least 3-4 times for quests to work and Found myself under the floor while charging a Boss. Charge got fixed soon after. People are Having some issues with there Artifact questlines but nothing severe that they were unable to complete it.

What the reviewers forgot to mention is that the charachters you can buy range from ilvl 820 to Max, so not all the toons in the shop other players are selling are geared, but low end toons.

The reviewers here unfortunately are over exaggerating are upset that "the they are not getting the fixes they want, for transmog"

مشکل ورود ایران ب بازی

Written by Hadihunter Hadihunter
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چرا ایرانی ها نمیتونن ب بازی وصل بشن

Dont waste ur time

Written by Zerusil Zerusil
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Another trash server with broken content which is not gonna be fixed at all,most of time u will be reloging to fix npc, most of legacy raids are broken and much more.

trash server

Written by tetrizangi tetrizangi
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pay to win server,not generating doesnot mean that you re no pay to win you can just literally buy characters and golds by trading with players by using real money. its shame to say that you re no pay to win.tons of bugs and shets.we expected more from felsong its sad

I don't recommend it

Written by Lansey Lansey
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I've spent too much time on this server. I don't recommend it, because even though it's Legion, older dungeons or raids don't work buggy q lines. Personally, it happened to me in Suramar during the last quest where I have to give fruit to Oculeth and the others, so my q got stuck and couldn't be completed, the GM team didn't give me any advice. The server has on the website that it is 7.3.5, but it is only 7.1.5, for felcoin for real money you can buy characters that can normally be obtained by playing, one character costs 500 CZK or 20 euros

worse than garbage

Written by Bugsong Bugsong
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bugged specs, raids, dungeons, even casual content like wqs, campaigns, storylines whatever you name it. ridiculous decisions made by staff, staff members gift their friends with max ilvl gear, people randomly get 10k ms while their internet connection is stable, raiding scene is almost dead after every clown decision that was made by server owner, number of people online on website is obviously fake, pvp doesnt exist, you can que into bg 9vs15 with 15 having 5 healers. the only issues which get addressed almost instantly are shop issues, what a surprise. -20 out of 10

Looks Fun, Ad Is A Lie

Written by Merancapeman Merancapeman
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Don't get me wrong, what is there looks like it could be fun. But most of the population is NOT English speaking, and it's NOWHERE NEAR 5000. It MIGHT be close to 500 peak but either nobody is talking or most people are AFK. My rating is mostly to do with the advertising here, because it is very much false.

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