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Firestorm - Oribos

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Firestorm offers a popular Shadowlands Private Server with an active playerbase. The realm released the 20th of December 2021, and is a progressive realm with different seasons coming up to play on. So far, the majority of the feedback from the players have been positive, and it seems like people have found a new primary place to play on a Shadowlands server. We recommend giving it a go if you're into the Shadowlands expansion, and seeing if the server is for you as well!

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

Server News

WoW server news
Great news for all Shadowlands WoW Private Server players! Firestorm who owns the realm Oribos, has just recently updated their roadmap for their Cont...
WoW server news
The latest update to the server has brought some exciting news for players - the arrival of Battle Pets!Developed from scratch by one of their talente...

Server Reviews

3 Reviews
(1.00 out of 5)

pay to win server

Written by nwd1900 nwd1900
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I play over 290 hrs on this server, PVP is all about who spend more real money for donated items. End game is all about $$$$ for end gear.

Quest campaign and release of content is very poor scripted and bugged most of the common in raid is combat bug which you stay combat after clear first trash and until you log out you can't get out of it.
some mythic plus dungeon bosses have different mechanic compare to retail.
XP rate from 1-50 is around x10 times.
XP rate from 50-60 is around x6 times.
Server rules are such bullshit and make no sense don't use hack or bot or anything to have advantage of other player, but they're selling mythic raid gear for real money and that is no make any advantage toward free to play player at all....

Only 30% of server are English
70% Spanish and Russians and Chinese which is not speaking English in your term.

Most of classes ability are bugged and not working properly, for example demo warlock / unholy DK pets > stand still not attacking target and sometimes pets dismissed automatic.
Monk WW DPS not working properly.
Holy paladin glimmer of light talent not function properly.

When you make ticket to report the bug it takes 12 days until game master reach to your post and tell you hey you wait 12 days now go to post this to our website, so we can review the bug in 3-4 month, or sometimes they tell you they can't fix it and try to get use to it.

Over all exp of this trash server is 2/10 they only maintain this shit to suck the people money...


Written by Donnie butler Donnie butler
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Crashes a lot, many many bugs, and if you buy something on their site they double charge you and ban you after. Very Crappy service and no GMs to help with anything. Don't waste your time.

incompitent and ignorant staff

Written by grave00 grave00
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they manipulate and chang every detail and data in the game according to their own tast, nothing will match the original data. as if i would ask them first how they like me to use an item and if the results that i achive is acceptable for their tast! they claim to be blizzlike but thats a big bullshit! you can check any random data and see for yourself. specialy on shadowlands oribos realm the Incompetent and illiterate staff behavior is unbearable. i regret wasting time and afford there.

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