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Legion Private Servers | Top WoW Legion Servers

Legion Private Servers are trending. Find your next favorite one down below. It includes blizzlike, fun, and custom servers.
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Population: 5000+
Language: English
LegionReleasedBlizzlikeIncreased RatesPVPPVERPRates: 1X

Release - 20.05.2023 at 11am UTC! Felsong is a blizzlike legacy Legion project delivered by the passion driven team members of WoW Freakz and Firestor...
Join ServerLaunched in 2023
Population: 2000-5000
Language: English
LegionReleasedBlizzlikeIncreased RatesPVPRates: 2-5X

UWoW is one of the biggest Legion Private Servers. UWoW's realm consists of an international community. UWoW has existed for years (since 2009), makin...
Join ServerLaunched in 2021
Population: 500-1000
Language: Russian
LegionReleasedIncreased RatesPVPRates: 10-15X

UWoW is one of the biggest Legion Private Servers offering increased XP rates. UWoW's realm consists of an English and Russian community. Be aware of ...
Join ServerLaunched in 2019
Population: 0-100
Language: English
LegionFreshIncreased RatesCustom ContentPVPRates: 5-10X

New Legion. Loads of extras.You pick your xp rate. So you choose the xp rate you want. To fit what you want to do. Pick rate from x1 to x10.You can ea...
Join ServerLaunched in 2023
Population: 0-100
Language: English
LegionReleasedBlizzlikeCustom ContentIncreased RatesPVEPVPRates: 10-15X

| Get off to a great start on this new Legion server! || FEATURES |- XP Rate x1-15. - Double Experience Weekend. - Professions and Farming x3. - Blizz...
Join ServerLaunched in 2023
Population: 100-500
Language: English
LegionReleasedBlizzlikeIncreased RatesPVERates: 2-5X

Legion Private Server of Firestorm. Firestorm's Legion realm has the name: "Sylvanas", and is a x3 XP Rated server with PvE as the realm-type. Shop: T...
Join ServerLaunched in 2021
Population: 0-100
Language: English
LegionReleasedIncreased RatesCustom ContentPVERates: 10-15X

Welcome to the Heron Server! For more information, visit our website at: wow.valenserver.eu, where you can find handy options like teleport hub, ...
Join ServerLaunched in 2016
Population: 0-100
Language: English
LegionReleasedIncreased RatesPVERates: 15X

IntroductionGreetings champions,The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth yet again bringing their foulest creatures to burn away all life on Azeroth!It ...
Join ServerLaunched in 2023

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Legion Private Servers

Yes, all Legion servers are free to play on. Thats one of the benefits of playing on a Private Server. However, keep in mind that most of the servers has a store where you can buy items and upgrade your characters, if you donate.
In general, Legion servers have increased over the past years. The reason is that more players are interested in playing on this expansion, which has made the server owners create more Legion servers. You can find all the Legion servers on our list.
Legion has a max level 110, and you can explore all the Broken Isles. You can also play on the new Demon Hunter class, which was introduced in this expansion, as well as play on new raids.
In general, you will not get banned. But make sure not to mention that you are playing on a Private Server on retail, as you could risk getting punished.

Find Legion Private Servers

With the Legion WoW expansion, many new features have risen. You can experience a level-cap of 110 and artifact weapons, argus, as well as a new class; Demon Hunter, as well as a new PvP System. Lately, WoW Legion Private Servers have been a popular expansion to play on. A lot of players are searching for a good Legion Private Server to play on, which is understandable. Our quality list of Legion Servers will help you find the Best Legion Server available. Our 7.x server list consists of a lot of high quality submissions, and they are very relevant in 2024.

Different type of Legion WoW Servers in 2024

When choosing a Legion Server, you have different options. Each 7.x and 7.x Legion Server is unique and has different features and rates to offer. Through our WoW Legion server list, you will be able to see the differences, quickly. There are however some Legion servers that have a much higher activity and population than others. There are also upcoming servers, which appears to be quite promising until then. However, if you don’t have the patience to wait for an upcoming Legion server, you can also play on the existing ones. We understand that you want to be playing on the best legion server available. In that case, we both have our list of all Legion Servers, and our informative post right down below, suggesting the top Legion Servers.

Additionally we also list Legion WoW Addons that you should get when playing on a Legion server.

The best Legion Private Servers

Let’s go through the most popular and recommended Legion servers as of right now. The top one is WoWFreakz. The reason is simple. It has the highest population for a Legion WoW Server currently, it most likely also has the best scripting. It doesn’t mean that WoWFreakz just has amazing scripting, but as of right now, there aren’t many Legion servers with better content to offer, which makes WoWFreakz the best. The server has however gotten several complaints that the community isn’t that great, and neither is the scripting. But to be honest, that’s the reality for the Legion Expansion – there really aren’t many decent scripted Legion Servers out there. The reason is that the expansion is (relatively) new, and there aren’t many open-source developers working on the expansion, making it difficult for a server to achieve decent scripting on the 7.3.5 patch.

If you have patience, or you’re just interested in the Legion scene, we however have good news. Project Aurora is an upcoming WoW Legion Private Server. It seems rather promising. The staff and development team of the server seem to be dedicated and honest. For us, that’s a really good sign. No one however knows when it’s ready for a release, so we recommend you to play the alternative Legion Servers you can find through our list at this page, meanwhile.

Another upcoming Legion Server will be Tauri. Tauri is known for an extremely high-quality standard, and once they release, it will most likely be the best Legion Server available. The bad news is however that it might not happen until 2022, unfortunately.
If you have found a Legion Server to play on, you need a Legion 7.3.5 Client, in order to get ingame.

A lot is happening on the WoW Legion expansion

As you can tell by now, a lot of things are happening with the Legion scene. A lot of new servers are trying to establish. Unfortunately, quality takes time, so it requires patience. Meanwhile, if you are eager to play on Legion, we recommend you to be playing WoWFreakz, simply because of the lack of any better Legion Servers as of right now. This will hopefully change in the future. We will be updating our list regularly, to make sure we list all the high-quality Legion Servers too.
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Through this article, you have found out that you have the possibility to experience the World of Warcraft Legion expansion through several available Legion Private Servers. Many of the Legion WoW Servers however need a helping hand in terms of scripting and development, as the majority of the Legion Servers have a lot of bugs. On top of that, you have learned that a lot of things are going on with the Legion WoW scene as of right now. That is because a lot of new servers are trying to become a reality and release eventually. These Legion Servers are however upcoming, and none that you can play on as of right now. Through our list of WoW Legion Private Servers, you can find the current up-to-date Legion Servers to play on.

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