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UWoW - 7.3.5 Legion X100

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UWoW is one of the biggest Legion Private Servers offering increased XP rates. UWoW's realm consists of an English and Russian community. Be aware of this, that you'll find a lot of Russian players ingame. UWoW has existed for years (since 2009), making it a relatively stable server in terms of uptime. But reviews and feedback from their Legion realm, have said that while they do indeed have scripted content, there are still a large amount of bugs, as any other Legion server, unfortunately. To sum up, If you're searching for a Legion server, and you don't know where to go, and don't mind Russian players, then you can try UWoW's answer on a 7.3.5 highrated server.

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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5 Reviews
(2.60 out of 5)


Written by said19 said19
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Advertising using other priv servers discords.

Written by svenmaster1 svenmaster1
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Rule. 6. Any advertising in shared chats is prohibited.
Joins with 300 account bots and sends DM's to users about their server in other private servers discord with the same rules.


Written by afdruiprek26 afdruiprek26
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they join other discord servers with bots and advertise

Go anywhere else, this server is horrible

Written by marshall marshall
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This is the biggest joke of a server I have ever played. And don't just take my word for it - check reddit and other places for other people's opinions. It is absolute trash. Everything is cross realm, cross faction. You can be in a guild with both factions, speak freely to either faction, and everything is world pvp. If you are not geared and doing world quests, you will get killed repeatedly by people flexing that they are better geared and you being an easy kill. Not everyone is like that, but many are. And they camp you, follow, chase etc. The server will also glitch and make it so your OWN faction can attack you. It is highly P2W, all legendaries, epics, trinkets etc are in a shop. And donors are typically the ones heavily camping regular players just trying to get basic world quest gear. And don't get me wrong -- I love PVP, that is what I play for. But when it is so ridiculously unbalanced and one sided, it kills the game. The server is also Russian, so if you are an English (or other language) speaker, it can be difficult with the language barrier. Some players do know or are native English speakers though so it's not completely in another language.

Some people, even though it is a PVP realm, are not flagged an able to play freely without the game breaking donors and can complete quests and whatnot. But these players have (and do use it as) an advantage to be unflagged, and choose if they would like to flag up and attack you if they are feel they can kill you. So basically, they can get the jump on you and choose combat. Then go back to unflagged once they are finished and play without worry. This place is a joke lol.

If they want to unbreak this server and have a chance at people taking it seriously -- either remove at the very least cross faction from everything but maybe BGs or RDF/PVE, or simply make the serve a PVE realm. Either way, I don't care anymore. I, like many (again, don't just take my word lol look it this server on reddit or wherever else for opinions), I gave this server a try. It sucks. It's full of donors and unfair world PVP with endless camping. And I am not even addressing the absurd amount of normal class, quest, and content bugs that are rampant. Try it out if you want, but if you want a serious sever and don't want to waste your time, avoid this toxic, poorly ran server.


Written by mrrybkin mrrybkin
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Hi all!
I've been playing on the server since 2020, for 4 years already!
During this time, the server made a big leap upward, the performance of all legion content is 95-96%
Raids all work 98% Classes 99%
There is a donation on the server, but even without it, having at least the basic skills of a normal player, you can close high keys and raids.
As for pvp, there are a lot of outdoor players, but I won’t say that they really interfere with the game, they run and fight among themselves.
With regards to online peaks around 4-5k on weekends.
In general, I recommend the server, currently the best in terms of online and performance Legion.

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