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Greetings champions,

The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth yet again bringing their foulest creatures to burn away all life on Azeroth!
It will take the combined might of Azeroth's greatest champions to put a stop to the Legion's plans once and for all.
Wielding your ancient artifact weapon, Sargeras and his dark minions will find a worthy adversary in Azeroth's greatest heroes.

After months of intensive testing on our realm during the open beta, we have decided to launch officially on July 8th!
The name of our new server is called WoWmythic and it's a 7.3.5 25x experience rate server with progressive content, meaning we start on 7.0.3 and work through the patches.
We have an active dev team, who is working around the clock to provide you with the best gaming experience.
We have been testing and working on thousands of quests, professions, achievements, and much much more.

Q:What is the current state of the realm?

A:Currently we are getting ready for our official server release (July 8th). Meaning you can still participate in play-testing before we officially release our server.
Also, you are given the opportunity to create unlimited character templates so you can start at level 110 with 865 gear for now.
We are planning to hold special events upon release that will yield plenty of rewards. For example, you have a chance to win tokens. The tokens
can be redeemed in our ingame shop for much wanted rewards. Even though we won't be implementing p2w rewards,there are still many fancy rewards such as transmogs,
aura's, mounts, toys and much much more!

See our newspost: https://wowmythic.com/news/realm-first-races-other-qol-updates

Q:What does this mean for you?

A:Simple, our aim is to provide everyone a friendly game environment in their favorite expansion. We will gradually progress
through the patches starting from 7.0 all the way up to patch 7.3.5. This will happen approximately every 3-4 months.
This way all our players get the chance to catch up on gearing
and content. But it won't be a slog.

Q:What makes WoWmythic special?

A:All players that enjoy playing wow know one thing: Legion is one of the IF not the best expansion ever
and what's better than being able to start on a fresh journey and be able to adventure together with
like-minded people? You will be able to compete for realm first achievements, run mythic plus together,
battlegrounds and everything else WoW related. An interesting addition to WoWmythic are community held polls.
Everyone gets to vote on updates and additional decisions being made. You decide, we implement!

Server Summary:

-The server has been moved to Poland (Europe), and players from countries such as The Netherlands,
and Croatia experience low latency: usually between 50-70 ms, so no visual lagg or delay at all.

-Professional and friendly English/Spanish speaking staff.
-A professional working website (work in progress.)
-A growing discord community.
-Fast bug fixes.
-24/7 uptime.
-No lagg.

Server rates:

-25x experience rate by default (scalable from 1-25x by talking to Nozdormu in any major city such as Orgrimmar, or the starting zones.)
-Every other rate (reputation, gold, drops etc are scaled accordingly.)

Realm features:

-Realm first races with epic rewards.
-Quality of life (QOL) updates, such as the implementation of Wakening Essences from the start (from EN).
-Ingame shop discount of 30% upon release. The event will last from 10-13th of July, 2023.
-Progressive content with realm first races.
-All Legion questlines and world-quests are working.
-All professions have been intensively tested and confirmed working to make sure you can supply yourself and your friends
with all the necessary provisions and tools you need in order to boost your adventures.
-All starting zones working.
-Old content (including their respective dungeons and raids) working.
-Mythic zero dungeons scaled correctly to match patch 7.0.3.
-Emerald Nightmare raid normal+heroic working correctly (Mythic is work in progress.)
-All class halls+their questlines working.
-All legendaries working as they are intended to be.
-(Legion) achievements working.
-Implementation of stackable artifact accolades:


Closing word:

As you might know, Legion is one of the best gameplay experience the game has to offer. Is it the challenging content
of m+ dungeons, with each run becoming more and more difficult? Or are you more of a completionist constantly inspecting
and comparing your achievement points with your friends?
Or perhaps do you prefer to pursue a career in doing professions and becoming the richest hero around?
The bottom line is, on our new project there is always something to do for different adventurers.
We have some of the best scripts you can find and you will encounter very few bugs or other issues while playing. So what are you waiting for?
You are Azeroth's last hope!

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