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New Legion. Loads of extras.

You pick your xp rate. So you choose the xp rate you want. To fit what you want to do. Pick rate from x1 to x10.

You can earn coins while playing or purchase them with gold while in game. Then use them in the game store. For gear,pets,helpers and much more.

Soloing available or can purchase helpers via in game store.

All Flight Paths unlocked and instant, Hearthstone no cool down and instant

Looted items have random chance to have a random enchant

Teleport NPC

Gambling NPC for gold

Various character and account services can be purchased in game for gold.

Boosted gear for purchase and usage while online.

Our discord works just fine. It does not however allow fake or very new accounts. You must verify your account. We only do that because of too many spammers and scammers.

Plus much more.

Come visit us and check it for yourself.

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Server Reviews

9 Reviews
(4.22 out of 5)

Dear Anaconda

Written by Ketaz Ketaz
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I have had the pleasure of playing on this sever for close to half a year now. The mop server is flawless. I’ve had lots of fun with bots. Safe to say this is most definitely one of my favourite servers I have played on throughout my World of Warcraft. A small but friendly and engaging community. And now with legion? If you’re ever in doubt about testing out a server I can vouch for this one!

Join now! You wont be disappointed

Written by Wickedidoo Wickedidoo
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Without a doubt the best Legion server i have tried! Staff all english speaking. Fewer than worth mentioning bugs and a very active staff ready to help if needed.

Has all the mods required for you to enjoy your gameplay solo or teamed. Well balanced dungeons for a 1 man team of destruction :)

Again, look no further. Join now!
It's an absolute pleasure to play Legion run by this staff!

I like it

Written by Nightshift Nightshift
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I have played on Anaconda for awhile now.
Disclosure, I am a GM, and help identify and fix bugs.
While not perfect, it runs quite well.
We have nice players that will offer up help anytime they can!

To address a few concerns another review had.
There is an option ingame to turn of tutorials. Im not sure why you wouldnt have that option.
We do ask players to review the server and they get a reward for it, we dont make them or tell them to leave a 'good review'.
Good or bad reviews, it helps the server out in one way or another.
You can set your own xp rate, from x1 to x10. So your choice on how fast to level.
(Opening weekend was up to x25)
You wont get green items for every trash mob.
It is a small team, we do our best, and dont ignore issues, we try to fix them.

We just want people to be able to log in and play how they want to play.
So give us a try, if you like it, let us know! Find a bug, Let us know!

So Far So Good

Written by wowiskingster wowiskingster
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New server, But so far has been great. Staff is very helpful. I would for sure recommend,

A Great single player experience for a fan of Legion

Written by PyrusTotem PyrusTotem
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I have been playing on Anaconda for the last few months and have played quite of bit of MoP but then stopped playing because i wanted to try out a game with two other friends but when i heard that they are opening a Legion single player experience private server, I was excited to play it and waited for the moment to play.

So far my experience have been great with the staff being very friendly and understanding and reasonable and helpful whenever I run into a bug or glitch. I am a casual player so i do not spend a lot of time playing on it but when i need to chill ax and switch off my head i get on to play for a bit. Dungeons are a bit buggy and still in development for how it works because scaling is not perfect.
Overall the xp rates are amazing (never tried 25x yet).
I am definitly gonna be on this server for awhile and help out with bugs and stuff that come across.
Otherwise amazing server and im glad that i joined! Keep it up!

Great Server To Play At You're Own Pace

Written by Kibble13 Kibble13
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Let my start off by saying this is actually my first time really playing wow never really got into retail cause the que times and not really interested in the quest of the game and private servers with high rates just don't have the player base to support dungeons/raids. But this server just fills that spot great with the solo experience haven't touched a single quest and its been great running through all the dungeons and enjoying them for the first time. Yes the server has it fair share of bugs that need some tweaking and some content can be quite annoying at times cause it meant to have more players. But is 100% playable and enjoyable and the Staff are always looking to fix and add things to make the experience better.

[ Would Recommend for players with not a lot of time on there hands and just want to play the game at there own PACE ] [ 9/10 ]

Good Legion Server.

Written by caviel caviel
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Let me start off by saying no server is perfect. But I can say that the mods here try and are helpful. The server itself is great for what it has accomplished. Rates are from 1 to 10x with double XP weekends and the server has a solo feature in dungeons and raids allowing you to solo them. They do bug out at times but work as intended 80% of the time. They also have a in game reward system from doing dungeons and raids known as battle tokens you can purchase all sort of cool things with them from mounts, potions that grant temporary xp boost, lvl 90 and lvl 100 character boost, max professions, name change, race change, list goes on. You even start off at level 1 with a few heirlooms. Overall from what I've experienced it's not perfect but it's good all things considered. A few bugs here and there but nothing gamebreaking. Nightshift is a GM and very helpful and Crusader on their Discord is helpful as well. So if you're looking for a good solid legion server try this one out.

Awesome Legion funserver!

Written by monstrous_47866 monstrous_47866
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I just joined the server and the features are amazing!
They have the solocraft plugin which lets you solo que for dungeons and such with stat scaling if you are alone.
They have a custom in-game currency which drops from bosses or you receive them by staying online ingame, you can use the bnet shop to use those coins to buy a large variety of games
The rates are customizable , by default 1x and you can set them to 10x
This server is in the very beginning and is very promising , see you there ! -Monstrous

Waste of your time, fake reviews due to rewards ingame.

Written by Vananas Vananas
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To be fully honest: I didn't even made it near 110, because what you see there is already enough to normally quit before even starting to play.
You get bombed with Beginner Tutorials for every action you do without the option to disable it. Mobs keep aggroing you even after they die. Mobs in the world just run underneath ground, inside trees, etc.

The x25 Rate to choose is a good option, but poorly implemented. Dungeon Mobs scale with your level but... one RDF Ragefire Chasm run boosts you from lvl 15 to 41 (including quest completion, but not getting Trashmob exp after lvl 21+ even tho mobs still scale with you until done).
Bosses don't drop any Gear there. Trashmobs don't drop more than Linen Cloth + Silver + some (1) Gem (but at least they drop you even more of the Quest Items, even tho you already collected 5).

The next Dungeon queued wasn't even doable anymore because of no Gear or anything from before.

With that as a start, there's no need to even play further.

Server Owner Reply

Replied by Anaconda7117 Anaconda7117
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Sorry for your review. Several issues with it though.

first: No one was forced do do any review.
Second: Every player has the option to select their own xp rate. If rate it too high it was your choice.
Third: I see you are a registered server owner. That tell me you only came here to give bad rating. And nothing more.

But you have nice day anyway!

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