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The best MoP Private Servers can get found down below. That includes blizzlike, fun and custom Mist of Pandaria servers.
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Tauri WoW – Evermoon

Tauri WoW offers several realms, and is known for their extremely high quality. In this case, their most popular MoP Server is their Mist of Pandaria Realm called Evermoon. Evermoon, by Tauri, is a blizzlike international MoP Private Server with a...
Released PvE  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 1000-2000
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Panda WoW – PandaWoW x100

PandaWoW has several different realms, and their realm called “PandaWoW X100”, is one of their most popular realms. PandaWoW is a Russian Mist of Pandaria Private Server, and the realm called PandaWoW X100 is Russian too. They however ...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 15X+ Population: 500-1000
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Warmane – Frostwolf

Frostwolf is a MoP Private Server by Warmane. It offers 7X XP rate, 3x Gold, reputation, profession and weapon skills. Frostwolf is a PvP, and international server. Frostwolf, by Warmane, has a population at around 200-500 players. It’s not ...
Released PvP  XP Rates: 5-10X Population: 100-500
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Tauri WoW – Tauri

Tauri WoW is a high quality Private Server. Their realm called Tauri is a MoP Server and is PvE, and is their oldest realm. Tauri’s Mist of Pandaria Server offers a blizzlike experience on 1x rates. The main community on the server is hungar...
Released PvE  XP Rates: 1X Population: 100-500
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Panda WoW – Fun

Are you into custom/funservers and enjoy Mist of Pandaria servers? Then the realm called Panda WoW Fun might be a fit for you! The community is however Russian/English/Spanish, but their primary audience is Russian though. The funserver of PandaWo...
Released Custom  XP Rates: Instant Population: 100-500
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VendettaWoW is a custom Mist of Pandaria Private Server. VendettaWoW claims you can enjoy unique content that you won’t find anywhere else. As you start your adventure, and although most of our content revolves around the endgame, you will find yo...
Released Custom  XP Rates: 10-15X Population: 100-500
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Firestorm – Garrosh

Mist of Pandaria Private Server of Firestorm. The realm of their MoP server is called Garrosh, and is running with 5X XP rates, and a PvE realm-type. Shop: They offer Gear, Levels, Gold, Characters. It’s therefore a cashshop/pay-2-win system...
Released PvE  XP Rates: 2-5X Population: 100-500
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Mist of Pandaria Private Servers

Are you searching for an MoP Private Server?  Fear no more! With our combined list of 5.4.7 and 5.4.8 Mist of Pandaria Servers, you can find the server you are searching for. Our concept is simple. We list all the Top MoP servers available in 2021. At Zremax, we are transparent. We simply want to show an honest and up to date list.

Best MoP Private Servers 2021

Looking for an MoP Server in 2021? We’ll help getting you started on a new server. Our passion is to provide you the best 5.4.7 and 5.4.8 WoW Servers. Figure out more down below!

What is the best Mist of Pandaria Private Server“, “What is the top MoP Private Server“? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we got you covered.

As of right now, the MoP Private Servers we recommend the most and see people enjoy the most is Tauri WoW’s Evermoon (x2), which has around 600-1200 players online. Tauri WoW’s MoP server (Evermoon) is a really well-scripted server. It has such an incredible amount of work done by its developers. It is by far the best MoP server in terms of scripting, so if you enjoy blizzlike content, Tauri WoW is for you! If you’re into high rated Mist of Pandaria Servers, you can consider PandaWoW. It’s not as well scripted, but it’s 100X rated, and also has a healthy population, of around 800-1500 players online. If you enjoy high-rated servers, you could try PandaWoW.

Playing on an MoP 5.4.7/5.4.8 WoW Server?

Hopefully, you have now found your next Mist of Pandaria Fan server through our combined list of MoP servers. The next step is to sign up on the specific server, and then getting a client that fits the WoW MoP Server.
After doing so, you will be able to log into the game, and finally enjoy the content you are seeking.

We have a guide on how to get started playing on a 5.4.7 or 5.4.8 WoW Server, where we provide you with 5.4.8 MoP Client Download –  which we recommend to anyone needing the game version.


In the end, hopefully, you have now found a Mist of Pandaria Private Servers through our list, that you can enjoy. We recommended you with some of the servers that we consider are the best 5.4.7 and 5.4.8 WoW Servers, based on player feedback, amount of players online, and server scripting. We wish you happy gaming.

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