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Supporting patch 5.4.8 - a high quality list down below.
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MoP Addons – Best MoP WoW Addons

We have collected all available MoP addons for you to download and use. Each addon for this expansion supports patch 5.4.7 and patch 5.4.8 for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
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PvEBoss EncountersPvP
Wrath of the Lich KingMists of Pandaria

Enhance your World of Warcraft gameplay with the highly customizable 'Details! Damage Meter' addon. Track real-time damage, healing, and combat performance. Customize appearance and metrics, compare combat logs, generate reports, and optimize your gameplay. Trusted by the WoW community for accurate combat analysis and statistics.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about MoP addons

They can help you improve your gameplay by a lot. You can level faster. You can PvP better in Battlegrounds, duels, and Arenas. Lastly, you can max your professions quicker and improve your PvE play. They can benefit when completing dungeons and raids as they provide essential boss tactics and recommendations on progressing. Even if you are playing on fan servers, it is an excellent practice to be using.
AddOns that support Mists of Pandaria are a simple way to enhance your gameplay. You can consider it as a toolkit. You download it on your PC and into your game client, and then you can enable them within the game. After enabling them, you will notice them in-game, depending on the addon you have downloaded. For instance, a leveling addon will show a UI on the map, highlighting which quests and zone routes to take based on your level.
Absolutely! The list on our page is compatible with Stormforge, so after downloading, you can get right into their server and start using them.
Yes, as Tauri is another 5.4.8 server like Stormforge, the list of addon we have on this page is compatible with Tauri as well.

Downloading MoP Addons

Getting started using addons for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is easy. It is, however, highly recommended to use addons, as it will speed up your gameplay and make it easier for you to play. As a result, you can compete with other players in PvP and raids when using add-ons.

To get started, you need to find the addon you need. Finding it can be difficult, and because of that, we have created a complete list of all the available ones to download. You can get inspiration by filtering the addons based on downloads and the type of addon category. For instance, if you want a Leveling addon related to Mists of Pandaria, you can find it on our list above. The addons can be used on various MoP private servers such as Stormforge, Helios, and Tauri.

Installing the addon is an essential part of the downloading process. In general, it is simple to do it. Most people already know how to set it up. However, if you are questioning this, we have answered this in the FAQ section on this page, which we advise you to check. The main thing that you need to be concerned about is only downloading addons for reliable sources, like Zremax.

Is it safe to download?

It is essential to address this question, as Blizzard does not release addons. Instead, 3rd parties and private people are building the addons and are usually just interested in the game. However, the consequence is that it makes verifying that they are not malicious more difficult. For this reason, we only list addons we have scanned against viruses, as we want to avoid providing you with malicious addons. Furthermore, we review the addon author to ensure their reputation is good and that there is no former history of scamming. The concluding point is that the Mop add-ons listed on our page are high-quality and safe to use and download.

Which WoW MoP Addons are the best?

We see a lot of questions on our Discord with people asking questions like: "Best mop addons for WoW?". These questions are valid, as addons can lag your game if you have too many of them in your WoW Mop Client, so you only want the most recommended ones. The top ones are usually related to Leveling and questing like Zygor or PvP-related ones, so you can beat the other faction in-game!

Following the list above, you can sort it by Downloads to see the top ones at the very top. This way, you will quickly see which ones most people use. However, remember that it is only sometimes about using the addons others already benefit from. We have seen several examples where people find those unique ones that can be less popular yet extremely helpful. There are many different ones to choose between, such as combat and GCD or something third. The decision is yours, but on this page, we want to help you on the way!

Which patch is supported?

That is a very valid question! These Mists of Pandaria addons support patch 5.4.7 and patch 5.4.8. The versions are the primary and final patches Blizzard released before upgrading to the next game version. Remember that even if a server is progressive, it will likely still run on patch 5.4.8.

With this learned knowledge, you have learned that you can use the addons on all servers as long as it runs on the MoP expansion. However, you are actually also able to run the AddOns on a MoP repack as long as it supports patch 5.4.8, like the one we just linked to. Lastly, note that we also provide addons for other expansions if you play on a different game version, in case you need some variety.

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