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Frostwolf is a MoP Private Server by Warmane. It offers 7X XP rate, 3x Gold, reputation, profession and weapon skills. Frostwolf is a PvP, and international server. Frostwolf, by Warmane, has a population at around 200-500 players. It's not the highest, but for many, it's certainly do-able. According to the Changelog from Warmane, the MoP realm is not being fixed (bug wise) very often. It however still gets some fixes from time to time. Shop: Gear, Levels, Gold, Characters. Therefore, it's a pay-2-win/cashgrab shop. If you want to experience Warmane's realm: Frostwolf, you can join it here: https://www.warmane.com

Disclaimer: This listing was added by the staff. If you are the owner of this server and would like to update any information or update the status to a Verified server, please contact us here or at our Discord and reach out to one of the admins.

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Do not recommend. After playing in icecrown and lordaeron (warmane WotLK) for a few weeks I decided I'd like to dip my toes into MoP too as I never really played much of OG MoP when I was a kid; didn't see much of the expac and as an adult have heard that it's underrated due to people tunnel-visioning on the pandaren race

Wow does this server have bugs. It's nigh unplayable. I dunno, maybe as an actiblizsion refugee I'm too used to being pampered on the official legacy servers. But holy cow. In a couple hours I experienced the following:

~ Auto loot is entirely bugged. Mobs loot fine, but if you loot for example a fishing bobber or quest object, it does not auto loot. The loot window pops up, you click on the loot item/s, and the "already looted" red text appears on screen, even though the item did go into your bag. Then the window stays open, loot item image still in, and you have to close it manually.
~ Quests completely broken. I encountered two broken quests within just about half an hour.
. The lor'danel quest where you kill the murlocs with the robot? The robot's action bar window thing, the abilities weren't there. Just missing, nothing to click. Had to abandon the quest.
. DK start zone, the citizens of havenshire barely spawn and when they do, they're one-shot in seconds by the scourge marksmen on the cliff, before you can even get to them. Took me bloody 20 minutes of trying to kill them before I just gave up and deleted the game files.
Also saw a frostwolf forum post on the dragon quest being bugged beyond playability too.

Also, the population is piss-poor. Barely a working server at this point. Under 2000 items on the AH, and hardly anyone on. I thought the "warmane fakes its numbers" thing was just a stupid internet conspiracy but jeez. It really ain't. When I first opened the game, I went to the who tab to scope who was playing. On alli, 15 players. I tabbed out, checked the website. Said 280-something players online. Out of curiosity made a horde toon, checked who tab. 17 players. Where were the other 250 or so apparent players? lmao

Nah. Don't even bother installing it. I'm going back to WotLK. You can definitely tell which of their servers the warmane team care more about.

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