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Shadowlands addons - Including Command table and mission table

The best Shadowlands WoW addons are found here. This list covers Shadowlands command table addons and Shadowlands mission table addons.
Planet 1
Planet 2
Flare 1
Planet 3
Flare 2

Discover the Best WoW Shadowlands addons below!


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WoW Shadowlands Addons - List of all Shadowlands Addons

Discover all addons related to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The comprehensive list down below includes a bunch of downloads like the popular Shadowlands command table addons, and Shadowlands mission table addon, and more.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands addons

They used to be extremely popular as retail was on Shadowlands quite recently. However, as retail has moved on to the next expansion, the popularity of these add-ons has decreased.
As they must be used on a Shadowlands server, you can use them on servers running Shadowlands. We advise you to check our expansion list to find a server that suits you.
We recommend the ones like command table, and mission table. If you check our list, you will find the ones associated to Shadowlands. These are the top ones to consider.
Shadowlands AddOns are small files that you can download to your Shadowlands client, that can make modifications of the original game and UI.

WoW Shadowlands Addons through Zremax

There are a bunch of sites offering you to download different Shadowlands related addons. Due to that, it can be difficult to gather an overview of the reliable sources for downloading the most trustworthy Shadowlands AddOns with the lowest amount of issues. Above, you will find a list compiled by us, which we have tested thoroughly for the best experience.

We are one of the largest World of Warcraft platforms related to AddOns and you can find all sorts of Shadowlands related add-ons through our page. Down below, we have also given examples of different types.

Discover the best Shadowlands add-ons

We imagine it is simple for you: You are looking for the best add-ons for Shadowlands so that you can optimize your gameplay and make the journey funnier. We get that. We are players of WoW ourselves and know the importance of AddOns. Luckily, we have made that searching process very easy through our page. No more searching; download it all through us!

What is required to run the AddOn?

To use a Shadowlands AddOn, you must obtain a Shadowlands client. The reason is simple: You need to get ingame and have a game client which is compatible with the server you are trying to log into. The client should also be consistent with the AddOn you downloaded on this page.

We have a bunch of Shadowlands AddOns that we recommend through our list, but we have a few that stands out. Down below you will be able to see the details of these:

After checking the top ones above, you will know of the best ones to use. Keep in mind you have a lot of different ones to choose between, such as PvP and PvE related ones.

Can I use the AddOns on retail?

When using these listed AddOns, you must ensure that you have patch 9.X. As retail has progressed to Dragonflight, you can only use the provided AddOns through Shadowlands Private Servers. If you head into the link, you will find a server to get started.

Can I use the AddOns on a repack?

Absolutely! The list of add-ons we have provided for Shadowlands is also supported through all the different repacks as long as it is associated with this expansion. If you are interested in this, we have created a Shadowlands repack page for you to read.

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