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Shadowed Unit Frames








May 26th, 2024


WoW Addons

Addon Decription

Shadowed Unit Frames is a powerful and highly customizable addon for World of Warcraft that replaces the default unit frames with sleek, informative, and user-friendly alternatives. Designed to provide detailed information about your character, party, raid members, and enemies, Shadowed Unit Frames enhances your gameplay experience with its extensive customization options and modular design. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore raider, this addon helps you manage your unit frames with ease and precision.


Customizable Unit Frames: Tailor the appearance of your unit frames to match your UI preferences. Adjust sizes, colors, fonts, and textures to create a personalized look.

Detailed Information: Display comprehensive information including health, mana, buffs, debuffs, and more for your character, party, raid, and enemies.

Modular Design: Enable or disable specific modules based on your needs. Customize frames for players, pets, targets, focus, and more.

Advanced Buff/Debuff Management: Track and prioritize buffs and debuffs with customizable filtering and sorting options.

Heal Prediction: Anticipate incoming heals with accurate heal prediction bars, improving your healing efficiency.

Aggro Indicators: Easily identify aggro with visual indicators, helping tanks manage threat and DPS avoid pulling aggro.

Aura Indicators: Display class-specific indicators for important auras, such as HoTs, DoTs, and shields.

Raid Tools: Utilize enhanced raid frames with options for role icons, raid debuffs, and ready checks to streamline group coordination.

Easy Configuration: Use the intuitive configuration menu to adjust settings and layouts without needing advanced technical knowledge.

Low Performance Impact: Optimized to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring smooth performance even in high-intensity situations.

Why Choose Shadowed Unit Frames?

Shadowed Unit Frames is the ideal addon for World of Warcraft players who want complete control over their unit frames. Its extensive customization options and detailed information displays make it a versatile tool for enhancing your in-game awareness and performance. Whether you’re healing, tanking, or DPSing, Shadowed Unit Frames provides the precision and clarity you need to excel in any role.


1. Download Shadowed Unit Frames from your preferred addon repository.

2. Extract the files to your World of Warcraft AddOns folder.

3. Enable Shadowed Unit Frames in your addons menu in-game.

4. Customize your settings via the Shadowed Unit Frames options panel.

Support and Feedback:

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please visit our support page or join our community forums. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us make Shadowed Unit Frames the best unit frame addon available.

Join Our Community:

For more information and updates, visit our server list at Zremax WoW Private Servers and join our Discord server to connect with other players and developers.

Enhance your World of Warcraft interface with Shadowed Unit Frames – the ultimate addon for customizable and detailed unit frames. Download Shadowed Unit Frames today and take control of your UI!

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