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DBM – Deadly Boss Mods








May 27th, 2024


WoW Addons

Addon Decription

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) is a premier addon for World of Warcraft that enhances your gameplay by providing real-time alerts and timers for boss abilities and important events during encounters. Designed to improve your situational awareness and reaction times, DBM helps you navigate complex boss mechanics and stay ahead of deadly attacks. Whether you’re raiding, dungeoning, or participating in PvP, DBM is an essential tool for optimizing your performance and ensuring your group’s success.


Real-Time Alerts: Receive visual and auditory alerts for critical boss abilities, phase changes, and other important events, helping you react quickly and effectively.

Customizable Timers: Track cooldowns and durations of boss abilities with precise timers, ensuring you always know what’s coming next.

Warnings and Notifications: Get customizable warnings for key events such as incoming damage, debuffs, and mechanics that require immediate action.

Voice Alerts: Enable voice alerts to receive spoken warnings, adding an extra layer of awareness during intense encounters.

Raid and Dungeon Support: Comprehensive support for all raid and dungeon bosses, including older content, ensuring you have the tools you need for any encounter.

Proximity Radar: Use the proximity radar to track nearby players and avoid mechanics that require spacing.

Auto-Respond: Automatically send status updates to your group when you’re busy handling complex mechanics, letting them know you’re on top of things.

Integration with Other Addons: Compatible with popular addons like WeakAuras and BigWigs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing UI setup.

Minimal Performance Impact: Designed to be lightweight and efficient, DBM runs smoothly without affecting your game’s FPS.

Regular Updates: Frequently updated to include new features, improvements, and support for the latest game content, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Why Choose DBM – Deadly Boss Mods?

DBM is the ultimate addon for any World of Warcraft player looking to optimize their performance during boss encounters. Its detailed alerts, timers, and customizable warnings help you stay on top of complex mechanics and avoid deadly mistakes. Whether you’re leading a raid, coordinating with your team, or pushing for personal bests, DBM provides the tools you need to succeed in any PvE or PvP scenario.


1. Download DBM – Deadly Boss Mods from your preferred addon repository.

2. Extract the files to your World of Warcraft AddOns folder.

3. Enable DBM in your addons menu in-game.

4. Customize your settings via the DBM options panel and configure alerts and timers to suit your preferences.

Support and Feedback:

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please visit our support page or join our community forums. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us make DBM the best boss mod addon available.

Join Our Community:

For more information and updates, visit our server list at Zremax WoW Private Servers and join our Discord server to connect with other players and developers.

Enhance your World of Warcraft experience with DBM – Deadly Boss Mods – the ultimate addon for real-time boss alerts and timers. Download DBM today and dominate your encounters!

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