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Dragonflight Addons – WoW Dragonflight Addons

Discover addons for WoW Dragonflight. The list below includes of all the best addons for Dragonflight, including Dragonflight leveling addons, fishing addon, and quest addons.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Dragonflight addons

Dragonflight addons a small files that you can extract to your Dragonflight client. They are not made by Blizzard, but can enhance your gameplay and make it more smooth to be playing.
There are tons of different ones to use. We advise you to check our list on this page for a full overview.
The latest expansion running on retail currently is Dragonflight.
Yes! The list we have compiled on this page is being updated reguarly, and you can expect to see new addons being added to the list. Therefore, we advise you to check our list frequently.

Dragonflight addons on Zremax

There are tons of different sites to download Dragonflight addons for. As a result, gaining an overview of where to download them can take time and effort. Some of these sites are usually better than others, and you want to find it from a trustworthy site with an extensive collection so you can download all addons from the exact location.

Due to this, we recommend finding a site with a compiled list where you have everything stored, including Dragonflight rares addon, which is a popular one.

We recommend ourselves as the top site for finding add-ons related to the Dragonflight expansion. It may seem cliche; however, we are incredibly passionate about World of Warcraft. We play it ourselves, and we love using AddOns.

We have tested all the listed ones on the page to ensure they work. As a result, it will save you a lot of hassle from verifying whether it works. We go the extra mile to provide valuable resources related to WoW - which is all about AddOns on this page.

Are they free to download?

Certainly! Our compiled addons are free to use, and we would never charge anything. Most of the credits go to the author of the AddOn. We have primarily collected a large bundle of all available add-ons for Dragonflight WoW and verified that they still work. We aim to serve you with valuable tools and make getting started easy.

Must have Addons for Dragonflight

You may be wondering about this question - are there any must have Dragonflight addons you need to get? The answer is yes. There are plenty of ones that will improve your gameplay drastically. We recommend checking the compiled list on our page to give you all the best insight. However, it is no secret that some are more popular than others. Because of this, you can filter addons by the number of downloads to get the most popular ones. You can also find some of our recommended add-ons in the following text section. Here, we go in-depth with some popular ones.

How to get addons for Dragonflight?

Getting started is extremely simple. The step is to find the AddOn you want within the Dragonflight section and download it locally to your computer. Afterward, you put it into your Dragonflight client in the Interfaces/AddOns folder. Lastly, you open the launcher and log into the game. In the bottom left corner, you will see an AddOns section at the character selection. Here, you can manage your current AddOns and enable/disable them depending on your needs.

What are the best addons for Dragonflight?

We imagine you are primarily looking for the top related WoW Shadowlands add-ons. And we understand that! There is no reason to be overcrowded with too many AddOns at once. That can also lag your game performance with a high FPS. Instead, it is much better to have a simple amount of AddOns that you download, Aside from our list on this page, below is a detailed description of the best ones to use:

The above list has the highest recommendation because they have the greatest demand and popularity. Many people are searching for precisely those because they contribute to great benefits within the gameplay. They really can have a great impact on your play and can help you a bunch. For example, the leveling addon can contribute to you reaching the max level faster. You can use that addon together with our recommended Dragonflight leveling guide for the best results.

Can the listed addons be used on retail?

Because retail is currently running on Dragonflight, and these provided addons are associated with Dragonflight, you can use them on retail. You must extract them into your game client for this expansion and launch the game! Then you are ready to play with your new addons on retail. Remember that it only works on Blizzard's latest expansion - Dragonflight, and not Classic. Alternatively, you can use these listed add-ons on fan servers like Dragonflight Private Servers. Happy WoW gaming!

Addons for the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion are extremely popular. It is the latest game version released by Blizzard at this moment. The expansion was launched the 28th of November 2022.

As a result, the expansion is still fairly new. However, because of the rather new release date, it means many players are playing on Dragonflight. And this affects the popularity of AddOns for this game version, as a lot of people are searching for these add-ons.

As retail is currently active on Dragonflight, people also only tend to play on WoW Private Servers in case they want to experience historical expansions that are no longer accessible directly through retail anymore.

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