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WoW TBC Leveling Guide for Classic - TBC Level 1-70 Guide

WoW TBC Leveling Guide that gives you tips to reach level 70. The guide is about leveling in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.
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Jul 05 2021 By zremax

Are you searching for a WoW TBC Leveling Guide? This article is about providing tips and tricks to speed up your leveling journey. You will be aware of the zones you should be traveling to, and how to earn experience as fast as possible.We will provide an Alliance version, and a Horde version of the guide.


What to know about WoW TBC Leveling

Within the TBC expansion of World of Warcraft, there are a few things you should know, and take advantage of. In general, there are 3 common ways to level your character, regardless of your class. Let's dig into them:

Questing and Dungeons

Questing is the most common way of leveling your character, regardless of the particular WoW Expansion. Due to that, our guide will be focusing mostly on questing. In general, it's also the fastest way of leveling your character. But it's important to know what zones to do, and which zones you should be skipping.

It has come to our attention that some people find questing boring from time to time. And we understand! Leveling from 1-70 can be a long journey, if it only includes questing.

Because of that, we do recommend that you combine questing with dungeons from time to time. This also gives you more gear and items to kill mobs and do the quests faster.

If you can do Dungeons with a reliable group (for example a couple of your friends), that's always the best way. It avoids you from lack of communication with the group, which can avoid wiping and waste of time. In another way, it gets you to Level 70 on the Burning Crusade expansion faster. 


There are some rumors that grinding can be the fastest way to level up a character in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. While grinding can be an effective way of leveling, it really needs to be done the right way.

For example, if you're a Frost Mage or Protection Paladin, you can use AoE spells and take advantage of big pulls, and get a lot of experience. But unless you know the perfect spot, and it fits your class and spec, we recommend doing questing and dungeons instead.

Alliance and Horde

1-70 TBC Leveling Guide for Alliance and Horde

The zones and routes you should be doing is context based. For example, if you're Alliance, it's not worth going into certain zones that may be horde-favorable, because they consume too much time, and vise versa. Because of that, we have made a Leveling guide (1-70) for Alliance, and a guide for Horde.

Note regarding the alliance and horde guide: When a certain zone has a race specified, it does not mean that other races cannot go into these zones. Instead, it means we recommend that you ensure to as minimum complete the zone that is marked for your race.

For example, Elwyn Forest & Westfall is marked for Humans, because it's the closest zone, and therefore fastest to level through. As a Dwarf/Gnome, you're also "allowed" to go there, but should only do if you already completed all your quests in Dun Morogh & Loch Modan, and so forth.

Alliance TBC Leveling Guide

Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms

  • Level 1-10 - Starting zone: Elwyn Forest (Human), Teldrassil (Night elf), Azuremyst Isle (Draenei), Dun Morogh (Dwarf/Gnome)
  • 10-20 Leveling - Secondary zone: Westfall (Human), Darkshore (Night elf), Bloodmyst Isle (Draenei), Loch Modan (Gnome/Dwarf)
  • 20-25: Redridge Mountains (Favorable for Humans) / Stonetalon Mountains / Ashenvale
  • 25-30: Hillsbrad Foothills / Duskwood / Wetlands (Favorable for Dwarf/Gnome)
  • 30-35: North Stranglethorn Vale / Thousand Needles
  • 35-40: Arathi Highlands / Desolace
  • 40-45: South Stranglethorn Vale / Dustwallow Marsch / Badlands
  • 45-50: Tanaris (most common) / Feralas / The Hinterlands / Searing Gorge
  • 50-55: Felwood / Blasted Lands / Un'Goro Crater / Azshara
  • 55-60: Winterspring (most common) / Western Plaguelands / Eastern Pleaguelands / Burning Steppes


  • 58-61: Hellfire Peninsula (popular)
  • 61-63: Zangarmarsh
  • 63-65: Terokkar Forest
  • 65-67: Nagrand
  • 67-68: Blade's Edge Mountains
  • 68-69: Netherstorm
  • 69-70: Shadowmoon Valley

Horde TBC Leveling Guide

Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms

  • Level 1-10 - Starting zone: Durotar (Orc/Troll), Mulgore (Tauren), Eversong Woods (Blood Elf), Tirisfal Glades (Undead)
  • 10-20 Leveling - Secondary zone: The Barrens (common for Orc/Troll/Tauren), Silverpine Forest (Undead), Ghostlands (Blood Elf)
  • 20-30: The Barrens / Stonetalon Mountains
  • 25-30 (Optional if empty of quests/bored of previous zones): Ashenvale / Hillsbad Foothills
  • 30-35: North Stranglethorn Vale / Thousand Needles
  • 35-40: Arathi Highlands / Desolace
  • 40-45: South Stranglethorn Vale / Dustwallow Marsch / Badlands
  • 45-50: Tanaris (most common) / Feralas / The Hinterlands / Searing Gorge
  • 50-55: Felwood / Blasted Lands / Un'Goro Crater / Azshara
  • 55-60: Winterspring (most common) / Western Plaguelands / Eastern Pleaguelands / Burning Steppes


  • 58-61: Hellfire Peninsula (popular)
  • 61-63: Zangarmarsh
  • 63-65: Terokkar Forest
  • 65-67: Nagrand
  • 67-68: Blade's Edge Mountains
  • 68-69: Netherstorm
  • 69-70: Shadowmoon Valley
TBC Levelling in Outlands

Avoid these mistakes when Questing in TBC Classic

  • Red Quests: Don't do these quests yet. They are not worth it. It might result in you dieing many times, and wasting too much time. In most cases (depending on your class & spec), they are impossible, so avoid them!
  • Green Quests: You should only do them if you're really out of quests, or they're part of a chain. Green quests mean that they're between 3 to 10 levels below, and therefore rewards you a low amount of XP compared to your level.
  • Grey quests: They don't reward you with any XP, so only do them if you want reputation/particular item/chain unlock. They are not for the XP.

Here's what you should be doing:Focus on the following:

  • Yellow quests: It means they are very close to your level (2 level below/above). Because of that, they reward you with the perfect suitable XP according to your level. On top of that, they also fit in difficulty, so they don't take up too much time/wiping.
  • Orange quests: The quests are 3 to 5 levels above your level. It means they reward you with decent amount of XP. If you have a strong class/spec, you can solo them, or if you have good items from your dungeon runs. Alternatively, you can find a group member to help with the difficult ones.
  • Green Quests: If you're out of other quests or you can't do the orange quests (if they're too hard) - and you can't find a group member, then it's okay to complete the green ones.

Tips to improve your Leveling for WoW TBC

By now you've been given a guide of all the zones you should be doing, depending on your faction (Horde/Alliance) and race. This will utilize your leveling experience for Burning Crusade, as you will be doing only the World of Warcraft zones that makes sense for your context.

The purpose with our WoW TBC Leveling Guide is to give you a good overview of the zones you should be questing in. But we also want to provide you with additional tips to improve your leveling experience in general.

Normal vs Rested Experience

Rested Experience has huge benefits in terms of leveling. It allows you to double the rate of normal experience. 

- Normal XP: 100%

- Rested XP: 200%

There's however a limit of how much rested XP you can gain at once by Blizzard, to prevent abuse. The limit is 1,5 level.

By now, you know that you should really take advantage of rested experience. The way to gain rested experience is to ensure that you logout in a major city, such as Orgrimmar/Stormwind City, or next to an innkeeper.

Good Items on your character for leveling

We talked about questing and how important it is for leveling, especially in World of Warcraft: TBC. We also talked about grey/green/yellow/orange/red quests, and what you should focus on there. But in order to be capable of doing quests fast and effectively (without dieing all the time) you should have proper items. As you know, items make your character stronger, and it's therefore easier to do questing.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to complete quests (even yellow/orange quests), that your character is not strong enough for, due to lack of items.

There are a few ways to obtain good items for your character:

  • Gear through dungeons: In the previous chapter, we recommended doing dungeons from time to time, to get a break from questing and get more items. 
  • Picking the right items when questing: Often when completing a quest, you can select between several items. Make sure to choose the ones that are good for your WoW character long term.
  • Buying items from the Auctionhouse: In general, you get quite a bit of gold from questing. These can be used to train your spells, but also to buy gear/bags from the AH. However in many cases, gold from questing and dungeons are not enough to buy the gear you want on the Auctionhouse. And farming gold manually can be a long journey. An alternative to doing it manually, is to buy TBC Classic Gold. After doing so, you can buy the items from the Auctionhouse you need, which will make the questing phase much easier. It's however only optionable, and not a requirement to do so.

Using your Hearthstone correctly

WoW Hearthstone

The Hearthstone is an item which has an 1 hour cooldown, and lets you return to your binded home-base. This is something you can really utilize to speed up the leveling. For example, if you often find yourself travel to a specific zone/area, you can talk to an Inkeeper nearby and use your Hearthstone to travel there. It saves you a lot of time, and therefore gets you faster to level 70 in TBC, or any other expansion.

Does Leveling in TBC take long time?

Since Blizzard introduced WoW Classic the 26/27th of August 2019, the leveling experience in World of Warcraft has become quite a journey again.

A lot of people enjoy that leveling takes longer time, as you get a certain "connection" to your character, and it really means something to you. Obviously, that's great. The downside is however that not everybody has enough time to play Classic World of Warcraft: TBC daily. As a result, they might find the leveling experience in TBC from 1 to 70 very long and tedious. Even with a Wow TBC leveling guide like the one we have provided, it can feel difficult to reach the max level cap at times.

If you're one of these people, you can take advantage of alternative methods. In this case, you can use WoW Classic Powerleveling to get your character to the max level.

After your character has reached the maximum level, you are ready to experience the great things about Classic Burning Crusade, like it was back in the days.

Frequently Asked Questions related to TBC WoW Leveling

What is the maximum Level you can reach in The Burning Crusade?

In TBC, Blizzard changed the level cap to 70, and you typically reach from level 60-70 through the Outland zones when questing.

Does a specific leveling guide work for both factions?

Absolutely not. As we've said through-out this guide for TBC, leveling is context based. Whether that's horde/alliance or specific races, you shouldn't just level the same way across faction/races.

Is World of Warcraft: Classic TBC free to level and play on?

The game is not free, regardless of you playing retail or classic TBC. So if you want to level in TBC, you must purchase the game and a subscription. You can however find pre-paid WoW Classic card deals in order to get into the game, if you're looking for other ways to obtain World of Warcraft keys for Classic.

Is the WoW TBC Leveling Guide being updated?

Definitely! If we see that Blizzard change some things in Classic TBC related to leveling, we will sure to adapt. The same goes if the TBC route from level 1-70 changes.

Does this TBC Leveling guide work on Private Servers too?

Absolutely! This leveling guide works on Classic TBC, as well as TBC Private Servers.

Are addons recommended when leveling up?

Addons are a good way to speed up the leveling process. The most important part is that addons helps and provides you with information, which is useful for leveling. You can even find TBC Leveling addons that gives you insight about what quest chains you might have missed.

What client version is TBC running on?

The Burning Crusade is a part of Blizzard's Classic-WoW mission called TBC classic. The purpose is to let you play older versions, and is an official alternative to WoW Private Servers. But TBC was back in the days - as well as on fanservers, running on a 2.4.3 TBC Client

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