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Can teachers and students play World of Warcraft?

Video games are more than just entertainment. Computer games can actually be played beneficially by teachers in schools with their students.
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Jul 05 2022 By zremax

If you think that video games can be used only for fun, this article is for you. Check it out, and you'll understand that even teachers can play with students.

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Video games like World of Warcraft Private Servers are one of the most popular things of our time. One estimate puts the global gaming market at $268.8 billion a year by 2025. Money spent on this not only contributes to a virtual escape from the real world. Scientists have repeatedly proven that video games can be used to facilitate learning in schools. Education writer Greg Toppo reached the same conclusion in his critically acclaimed book The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter.

Video games increase students' interest in math and different science

One of the reasons people drop out of science, engineering, and math programs is the difficulty of introductory courses like calculus. The University of Oklahoma has developed a math game that can help you excel in calculus. Some students can even develop writing skills through play. There are many essay services where they can find examples. So, students should say Write my law essay and be sure that it'll be perfect. This way they will learn to write. Furthermore, studies have shown that calculus mastery is enhanced by using a specially designed learning game such as Variant: Limits, another math game created at Texas A&M University.

History of video games at school

The use of video games in schools is nothing new. Many people who went to school in the US in the 1970s-1990s may remember the iconic video game The Oregon Trail, which made its classroom debut in 1971. Despite this fact, not many modern schools think, that it's a good idea. So, should teachers introduce video games into the learning process? Here are reasons why every teacher should help students with video games:

Video games provide hands-on learning

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, teaching students 21st-century skills, such as creative problem-solving, is important for the future. Games like DragonBox Algebra, in which students solve math problems in a fantasy environment, can help students develop skills such as critical thinking. In games like Civilization, players can be civic leaders and lead the prosperity of nations. In ART's: Mecenas, students can become members of the Medici family and become patrons of the arts and successful bankers. Students learn by doing and can acquire skills and knowledge through hands-on learning that cannot be acquired in traditional classrooms.

Gamers learn from failure

Games are a natural way for students to fail safely, learn from failure, and try again until they succeed. In some games, like Burnout Paradise, failure is entertaining. In the game, gamers can crash their cars and the more spectacular the accident, the higher the points will be. This allows players to learn from their mistakes, correct them and try again.

Students stay involved in the process

A more effective way to maximize learning time is to devote time to the task. When students are interested in a topic, and it is relevant, they show curiosity and involvement. This provides a much better learning experience. In the classroom, students can be carried away by teachers. But when it comes to homework, educators have to rely on other ways to motivate. One way is through educational games which were designed special for learning process. Such games can be designed to increase motivation and engagement by allowing students to spend more time on a task.

Games turn complex knowledge and every lesson into a fun

Educational theories argue that it is impossible to transfer knowledge to students: they create knowledge in their minds. Students build on previously learned concepts to create more complex and higher-level knowledge, making it their own. Many students find it difficult to learn and remember the periodic table of elements. However, learning a complex 3D matrix with 27,624 values is easily done by schoolchildren playing the popular video game Pokemon. The point of the game is to figure out how to combine 17 different attack types when fighting other Pokemon. Each Pokemon has one or two types of moves that they can use. Players learn the various possible combinations not by studying a large table with 27,624 entries, but by playing the game.


From the foregoing, we can conclude that video games should be part of the education process. Teachers will be able to both help students and play with them. They can create a class for javideo games. The main thing is to choose games that can positively affect learning. Just imagine how many students would stop skipping classes at college or university if they knew that they would play their favorite games in class.

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