TBC 2.4.3 Client Download – WoW Burning Crusade Client

The Zremax Team
June 17, 2020

Are you wondering how to get a TBC 2.4.3 Client?
There are many different WoW Private Server Clients versions, but this guide shows you the best clients for The Burning Crusade.
Find the download link below the image!Fear no more! We will provide you with updated TBC clients and give you several different download options. We check the links regularly, to make sure they still work. After downloading the TBC Client that we provide, you will be able to play on TBC Private Servers!

Let’s get going. Below, you will find different types of provided clients, for this expansion.

Download TBC 2.4.3 Client

Down below, there will be two types of downloads links for the client:
1) Direct Downloads. 2) Torrents)

Both download types are do-able. Direct Downloads are simpler to download, but the torrent are known to be faster. Please note, that this is for Windows users.
If you choose to download through our Torrent links, we recommend you to use a VPN.

Direct Downloads


  • Magnet – Client from Atlantiss Netherwing
  • Magnet – Client from Smolderforge

MacOS Client

Big thanks to /u/vanillalad, you can use this client down below, to download TBC on a MacOS client.

Quote from vanillalad;

“To install, just put the World of Warcraft.app into your 2.4.3 TBC folder and hit replace. You do not need to download a mac 2.4.3 WoW folder, since it’s faster to just dl a windows 2.4.3 and put the World of Warcraft.app inside it and run it. (But yes, it will still work if you have a mac WoW folder)”

WoW TBC Client 2.4.3

Initially, when Blizzard was offering World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, there was no need for a TBC Client, because Blizzard provided you with their official TBC download. The time for that has however passed ages ago because Blizzard no longer offers TBC. Therefore, in order to play TBC, you need to be playing on TBC Private Servers. But in order to get in-game, you need to download a TBC Client which is based on Blizzard’s original game client files from TBC 2.x and are then a little modified to launch the client for the TBC server.
The size of the TBC Client Downloads is usually around 20 GB. That may appear like a lot, but a lot of the game data is handled on the TBC Client, so you do need a lot of data stored in order to play the game successfully.


This sums up how to download a TBC 2.4.3 WoW Client. The reason why a TBC Client is needed is that you need to launch a previous of this expansion because Blizzard no longer provides a TBC Client. After downloading a TBC 2.4.3 WoW Client, you can start playing on your favorite server. Happy gaming!

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