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The Upcoming WoW Private Servers in 2021

A blog post about all the upcoming WoW Private Servers in 2021. This includes server and realm related news including releases of Expansions.
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Apr 26 2021 By zremax

Have an itch to go back in time, and experience the private servers that released with tens of thousand players online, again? You are not alone. 

A lot of great memories were made, when popular servers like Nostalrius, Endless and similar high-populated servers were released. They had many thousand players online at once, and the zones were extremely filled with players. Find out the upcoming biggest news in the  scene, coming up in 2021.

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What can I expect in 2021 within the WoW Private Server scene?

There are serveral servers that are currently in the development phase. Many of the servers have said they hope to release in 2021. Some of the server news are more exciting than others. During this article, we'll cover upcoming servers and realms such as Apollo MoP, Tauri Legion, Project Neltharion Cataclysm, and more. We will be going into detail as to what to expect (and when). Get an overview down below:

Apollo-WoW Mist of Pandaria Server

Apollo WoW, that is under the name of Twinstar, are currently working on delivering a . Their Cata server (Apollo 2) has reached Firelands (4.2), and rumors claim that once their Cataclysm server, Apollo 2, is fully progressed into 4.3.4, they will be releasing MoP. Apollo is known for their good quality in terms of scripts, quests and a blizzlike experience (however a little bit less known for their staff management). Our expectations, in terms of the scripting, is therefore extremely high. We expect that Apollo's MoP server will be having a really high standard as well. Our guess is that it will be between 3-5X rates, however time will show.

Tauri Legion Server

As much as we were hoping to have more information about Tauri's  (that they mentioned they will release), the information is just not there. It seems like they are quite busy on their released Wotlk server (Crystalsong), and are filled up. Accordingly, it seems like you shouldn't expect a Legion release of Tauri anytime soon. Instead, I would recommend you to search for alternatives meanwhile, as it could take several years before the Legion server from Tauri is ready, unfortunately. Our expectations to the Legion server, once it gets out, is also extremely high. Tauri is known for quality.

Project Neltharion Cataclysm Server

Project-Neltharion is a  in development. The staff members are very passionate about the project, and they seem to have a quite interesting thing going on there. Project-Neltharion and Project-Nightfall went into one in terms of a community merge, that expanded Project-Neltharion further. Project-Neltharion has mentioned that they have a large development team, and they have shown preview of several features, such as an advanced anticheat system. We know that players are searching for a good Cataclysm Server, and hopefully Neltharion can fill that spot.

Warmane Frostmourne Season 2

If you're into , you may already know. The Season 2 on Frostmourne, delivered by Warmane, was released the 15th of April, 2021. They have announced that the Content tier will be available a couple to few weeks afterwards. The reason for doing so, is because they want to give the players a chance to prepare themselves for the raid content. If you're looking for a new home for this expansion, this may be your chance. 

Shadowlands Servers start appearing!

If you're into the newest Expansions by Blizzard, there are some good news for you! Perhaps you either don't want to pay for a subscription, or you prefer Private Servers. Either way, we can clearly see that server owners work on releasing  very actively. And the reason is simple. Many server owners try to listen to the players and release what they want, in order to get more players. In regards to this, we have clear indications that a lot of players are wanting a server for this expansion. As we speak, you can already find several servers on the list. But none of the biggest servers have released Shadowlands yet. However, Firestorm has confirmed they are working on one. If you prefer to wait for a bigger server to launch, you can try something different and become your own Gamemaster by trying a .


This is what we had for you guys, for now. We will update this article regularly, as new server information comes in. But we want to mention only facts, and not fake news. Because of that, several things were not listed, as we wanted to focus on what we know for sure.

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