Shadowlands Private Servers – Top 9.0 WoW Servers

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Scarlet-Twisting Nether

Scarlet-wow Release date : 03.01.2021 We are a new private server which strives to achieve one of the top private server experience as well as fullfill the dream of the true hardcore blizzlike feeling. We are here to revolutionlize the face of pri...
Fresh PvE PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 0-100
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PTR Shadowlands

Shadowlands PTR is live now in blackempirewow
Alpha PvE PvP  XP Rates: 1X Population: 0-100
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Shadowlands is the newest expansion released by Blizzard. Are you one of those who don’t have money to afford to pay retail? Or do you simply prefer Private Servers and want to play Shadowlands? Either way, we got you covered. Through our page, we list all the available servers that run on Shadowlands. Right now, it’s however limited, as it’s a very new expansion. Either way, read about the different options here, and learn how the current situation is.

Are there any Shadowlands WoW Private Servers?

Since the expansion has almost just been released, it means that most upcoming servers that run on 9.0.2 or similar will face a lot of bugs. Each time a new expansion comes out, private server developers need time to implement the content, reverse the new packets and opcodes, and a lot more. It’s a very time-consuming task, and as a result, you need a strong development team, to release a proper Shadowlands server quickly. Luckily, there are some World of Warcraft Private Servers that are aware of this and prioritize the new expansions, such as Firestorm.

The very first private server that has officially announced that they will be working and implementing Shadowlands, is Firestorm. They have said Shadowlands will be arriving on Firestorm, but also said that it’s currently in very early stages. This means that it may take some time before it will happen. To be more concrete, Firestorm mentioned that they will work on Shadowlands, as soon as 8.3 gets released on their BFA Private Server called Sethraliss.
Shortly said, you can expect a lot of new Shadowlands private servers to come out, but it may take a short while.

How promising are Shadowlands WoW Servers? 

Shadowlands is a very unique and interesting expansion, in our opinion. As a fact, the next wow expansion brings a lot of changes.

Leveling in Shadowlands has changed!

Instead of level 120, like the previous expansion, the new maximum level is 60. On a 1x rated server (the official version), it is said that leveling progress will be around 60-70% faster for 1-50, versus the time it took from 1-120. It’s clear that Blizzard wanted to speed up the leveling phase and make sure it took less time to reach the max level.
On Shadowlands Private Servers, you can however expect an increase in the rates, realistically to around 3-12 rated. This is what most Private Servers choose to do. Therefore, you can expect an even faster leveling experience, compared to retail.

As always, the expansion also comes with a lot of new zones and more content to experience! Naturally, this also means that the upcoming WoW Shadowlands Private Servers need to script the content, which may take additional time. It will be exciting to see the quality of Shadowlands in the private server scene and notice what the top servers will bring.

Stay tuned, we will be updating this page regularly with news about the Private Servers offering Shadowlands. At Zremax, we are excited and hope some of the best servers will appear!


It looks promising for the Shadowlands expansion in the Private Server scene, and we can expect several WoW Servers to offer Shadowlands. What we don’t know yet, is how the quality will be, as well as when it will come out. We mentioned that Firestorm has officially announced that they will work on Shadowlands, very soon. That might make other servers want to compete and offer 9.x content too. The people at Zremax are excited, and hope that Shadowlands will be enjoyed!