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Northrend.gg - Season 2 Launch - Feb 2nd 2024



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Season 2 is Coming - Season of Reflection Launch Date: Friday February 2nd 2024!


Season 2 Changes:

  • Characters that haven't been logged in since January 2023 will have their names reset, opening them again

  • Transmog & Mounts, Wings earned from Future Coins will be kept

  • A Custom made Tanaris mall will be the new central hub going forward

  • Perks are now free from the get go (that's right, no more currency grind !), the only thing they will require is for you to finish the starting questline

  • Warforging will now be done using Warforging coins, not mythic coins ! It will still become free once you invested 2100 Warforging coins into it

  • Current phase raids will now have a 3d lockout, and cannot be reset using .i u all command. Solo raids will still be able to be reset that way, as will dungeons.

  • You can still enter a raid when you have a raid lockout, you are just loot blocked.

  • 5 man 25 man scaling is now gone. 10 man raids will be 5 man minimum, and 25 man raids will be 10 man minimum, we expect raids to be bigger with a 3day lockout window

  • There is now a weekly cap to how much mythic coins you can acquire from both ROL and M+, this weekly cap will be reset every Wednesday and evolve along with the phases

  • Some quests and dailies will still reward with Mythic coins, those will be unaffected by the weekly cap

  • Mythic coins can no longer be transfered between characters of the same account

  • PvP island remains but farming related stuff has been removed. The hourly PvP chest event remains

  • An overall longer season (1 year cycle instead of 6 months)


Alt-Friendly Season:

  • Unlimited farm potential removed, raid lockouts introduced to 3days and free perks for a more relaxed playstyle

  • You can join raids on your main even if you are raid locked (loot blocked still) to bypass a difficult boss then rejoin on your alt

  • Groups can run endless raids to gear up alts, even if they are raid locked on their mains.


Cash Shop Returns:

  • For QOL and cosmetics only. No Gear / Currencies / P2W.

Last Season was entirely out of pocket and we need to cover costs.


Get Ready for Season 2! Northrend Team


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