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Northrend.gg - Seasonal Launch - June 23rd!



Published by Disclosure5/12/2023  |  

The best mix between a Blizzlike WoTLK and a Custom Server is going
Seasonal From June 2023! - We'll Be Back Soon!

We have decided to reset the Northrend Realm. Our last reset, which took place a year and a half ago now, allowed us to make a ton of changes and improvements to the server, but we believe that now, many of our players have reached the end of progression for a while, and are looking for their next challenge.

That said, this won't just be another reset ! This time, we're shaking things up and going seasonal, overhauling and improving on pretty much every single aspect of our server in the process, and we fully intend to raise the bar with every new season we'll make going forward !

We expect Phases to be between 3-5 Weeks long depending on the content/progression of the realm and expect Seasons to last 6-7 Months. We are of course very open to changing those numbers based on the feedback we receive along the way, and shape the server to become the most enjoyable experience for our players!

Our first season is called Season of The Scourge and you can check it's Roadmap here: https://northrend.gg

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