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Supporting patch 6.x on all avaialble servers for this expansion
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WoD Addons – All the best WoD Addons

WoD addons can be handy, if you are still playing on this expansion. Right below, you will find a list of all of the ones you need.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about WoD addons

No, the addons are only compatible with the WoD expansion. You can only use them on private servers that runs on this particular expansion.
There are generally a low amount of servers and popularity of WoD. Because of this, there is also a low amount of creators who have built addons supporting WoD. However, you will still be able to find a few ones.
Yes you will need to find a WoD client before you can actually experiment and test the addons. The reason is simple - you need to get ingame. You can find a client through the internet, or you can use the one you already have.
Yes, leveling addons for WoD are one of the most popular type of addons for this expansion. As a result, you will be able to find a few different ones that you can choose between. Happy leveling!

What is a WoD addon?

World of Draenor addons are a set of files that are used to change the game experience. They are completely free and allowed to use, without any consequences. The addons are created by the community and can be downloaded from various websites, including our page here at Zremax.

When should I be downloading them?

Whenever you play on any WoD Private Servers it is recommended to consider this list of addons as it relates to this expansion. However, WoD is generally not a popular expansion, so you might not find as many addons for it as you would for other expansions.

Which WoW WoD addons can I use?

There are many different types available, however a popular one is a WoD questing addon which we see a lot of people use. This is also the one we recommend to you, if you are playing on a particular server and go through the leveling phase.

Where can I download addons for WoD?

You can get them right above this text. We have a list of the most popular addons for this expansion, which you can download and install them. We have collected all the available ones that are trustworthy and provide a direct download link from our site, to ensure that there are only valid links at our site. We wish you happy gaming!

Are they safe to download?

Yes, the addons we provide at our list are completely safe. We have scanned them upfront, and our download link is a direct link to the file, so you can be sure that you are downloading the right file. We do not provide any harmful files, and we do not allow any harmful files to be uploaded to our site.

Do other WoD players use them as well?

Certainly, yes. Addons are very popular, so it is very likely that other World of Draenor players also tend to download and use addons. They may even have found them through our site as well, as we collect the majority of them.

In fact, add-ons are not only useful for WoD. They can also be used on retail on the latest expansion, or on other WoW Private Servers with different expansions.

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