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Vanilla addons - addons supporting Vanilla WoW patch 1.12.1

All the best addons for Vanilla WoW. You can find addons related to all classes, roles, leveling and more
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A list of all Vanilla WoW addons can be seen down below. We show all the best addons for Classic WoW, so you can play World of Warcraft easily!
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Vanilla addons

Absolutely! It is allowed to be using addons on Vanilla servers, with no punishment or consideration of cheating.
There are many different sites where you can download addons for Vanilla WoW. We recommend that you use our site, as we have a large selection of addons, and we are constantly updating our site with new addons. You can find our Vanilla WoW addons on this page.
Generally speaking, no. However, if you have a slow PC, and you have installed a large amount of addons (50+), then there is a high risk that you will experience lag. Because of that, we recommend that you only enable the addons that you actually use.
Classic is being considered as the original part of the game, whereas Vanilla is an enhanced experience. Never the less, the addons are the same, and you can use the same addons on both Vanilla and Classic WoW.

What are Vanilla WoW Addons?

Addons for Classic WoW are a great way to optimize your gameplay. You download a Vanilla WoW Addon into your Vanilla WoW Client and afterwards you can login and make use of the addon.
You can consider Vanilla addons as a way to improve your experience. For instance, you can get Leveling addons that can help you on your Vanilla leveling journey. As well as boss encounters, so you can complete the difficult Classic raids with great addons.
Classic Addons are completely legal to use, and are not considering cheating. They are also free to download, so you are able to get started right away. To be honest, there are really no disadvantages of using Vanilla addons.
However, we recommend that you only use addons that you actually need, and download it from a reliable source.

What are the benefits of using Vanilla WoW Addons?

Whether you are new to World of Warcraft, or just have not used addons before, you might be wondering what the benefits are of using addons. Down below, you will be able to get a full overview of addons for Vanilla WoW. This will help you getting started on your World of Warcraft journey:

  • 1. Vanilla Addons can make your journey more smooth

    You heard right! It is that simple. Addons can reduce all the painpoints, such as being unable to find new quests in your zone. Imagine having a Leveling addon that tells you exactly where all the quest givers are, so you never miss a quest again. That is really a time saver. And as a result, you can spend your time ingame on other great adventures, such as battlegrounds, arenas or dungeons!

  • 2. Addons for Vanilla WoW can give you helpful insights

    You can download valueable addons like Recount, which gives you an overview of the damage made by you or your group. Because of this, you can compare your DPS to rest of the dungeon or raid group, as it is a graphical damage meter.

  • 3. Classic WoW Addons can help you with your professions gathering

    Professions are a big part of World of Warcraft. However, it can be time consuming and difficult to skill your profession in the maximum. For instance, Mining or Skinning can be tedious. However, profession addons supporting Vanilla, can give you great insights to reduce the time spent. There are many helpful profession addons such as Profession leveling guides, which can suggest you the recipes that gives you the most skillups and are the cheapest items/materials to gather and obtain.

  • 4. Vanilla Addons can help you with your gold making

    There exists many different addons that will help you increase your amount of Classic gold. We recommend making use of Gold Trackers to get an overview of the gold spent and earned on your character. You will easily figure out how much gold you can make while farming mobs, versus doing dungeons. You can also obtain addons that will give you benefits within the Auction House, so you can easily see if you should purchase a specific item from the AH.

  • 5. Addons for Vanilla WoW can help you with your PvP

    You can use addons supporting the World of Warcraft: Vanilla expansion that helps you tracking cooldowns and interruptions. As a result, you can track abilities and diminishing returns, so you can master your class and specification. We recommend using PvP addons no matter if you are a beginner or a skilled PvP player.

How do I download a Classic WoW addon?

The first step to downloading a Vanilla Addon for World of Warcraft is to discover the ones you need. For instance, do you need addons related to PvP, PvE, leveling? After deciding, you can find the addon categories on various of different sources, such as our site - Zremax. We have a filter at the top of this page, so you can select the specific categories you have decided for. Make sure to select Vanilla as the expansion, now that you are only looking for Vanilla WoW Addons.
As a side note, we have ensured to only include reliable Classic addons which are updated and working, to prevent you from downloading addons that are not working.
After downloading the addon, for instance at our site, you extract it into your Game client, and then you are ready to play! You can use these AddOns on Vanilla Classic, or on Vanilla Private Servers. As you can conclude by now, it is really simple to download an Addon for Vanilla through us.


Vanilla Addons are extremely popular, and it is with great reasoning. They are fun to use and provide beneficial features that increase your gameplay. Playing World of Warcraft without the usage of addons is not recommended, as you will miss out on all the helpful things Addons provide.
Furthermore, you have learned that you can use the Classic WoW Addons list on our Zremax page to find the best ones.

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