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TBC 2.4.3 Addons | Download WoW TBC Addons

A quality list of all TBC WoW addons supporting patch 2.4.3 can be seen down below. We display all the best addons for The Burning Crusade, so you can use them in WoW.
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Wrath of the Lich KingThe Burning Crusade

GearScore is a minimalist addon designed to provide player and item scores via tooltips.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about TBC addons

You need to download the addon, and place it into the correct folder. It should be placed within the World of Warcraft TBC client, then head into Interfaces and then place the Addon into the AddOns folder. After doing this, you will be able to enable the Addon when logging into your Account.
In general, you can use sources like CurseForge, WoWInterface and WoWHead. However, we also advise you to consider our site, as we have a high quality and comprehensive list of exactly TBC addons. Furthermore, we are a site only dedicated to Gaming and World of Warcraft, and have a passion for The Burning Crusade.
You will be able to download a variety of different TBC Addons. This includes Addons for PvP, PvE, Questing, Leveling, Auction House, Professions, and much more.
The AddOns that you will find on this page will be supported by the Burning Crusade expansion. This means that they will be running on the primary patch, which is 2.4.3.

Discover TBC WoW Addons

At our page, you can find a large collection of TBC WoW Addons to use for the game World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. It can be used on TBC Classic, or through TBC Private Servers. The addons listed support the main TBC version, which is patch 2.4.3. You will be able to find all type of addons, which you can read more about down below.

Each TBC Addon contains a description, a download link, and an attached screenshot so you can get a preview of how the addon looks like in-game. Keep in mind that in order to get ingame you need a TBC WoW Client so you can start playing.

The listed addons also have a rating system, so you can see how other players have rated the addon. This way, you can easily find the best TBC Addons available. You can also leave a rating yourself, to help other players find the best addons for TBC.

Down below, you will find a list of the top addons that we recommend for The Burning Crusade.

  • 1. Deadly Boss as a TBC Addon

    Deadly Boss is an absolute must when playing WoW TBC. The addon alerts you when a boss starts to cast spells or use certain abilities. This way you can really enhance the fight, as you can predict the behavior of the boss. As a result, you and your raiding or dungeon group can reduce the risk of wipes and difficulties.

  • 2. Atlas Loot Enhanced for TBC

    Another popular addon is the Atlas Loot enhanced one, which supports the World of Warcraft: TBC expansion. The addon is quite simple, but extremely handy. It shows you the possible loot from bosses. As a result using this addon, you will always know which items that can be dropped from the bosses. The pro is that you will get an understanding whether killing a certain boss is worth it for your character.

  • 3. Gear Score addon in TBC

    Gear Score Lite is another must-have TBC addon. Raids can be relatively difficult in TBC, and gear-score allows you to scan your raid members to see whether it is realistic to do a certain raid. If a raid group has an averaged low gear score, the chances are most likely that you will not be able to clear Black Temple and Illidan Stormrage.

  • 4. Quest Helper in your TBC leveling journey

    When playing The Burning Crusade, the leveling journey is a big part of the expansion. Due to that, you need a Quest Helper addon along the way, so you can reach level 70 in a realistic amount of time. A QuestHelper addon calculates the most optimal route for you to take while questing and leveling. As a result, you can get into end-game dungeons, raids and PvP quicker.

Does TBC have AddOns?

The Burning Crusade has a lot of AddOns that you can use. The TBC addons are very similar to the ones that you can use in Classic WoW. They are made by the community, and are not officially supported by Blizzard. However, they are completely legal to use, and they are not considered as cheating. These TBC WoW addons are made to enhance the gameplay experience, and won’t give you any unfair advantages.
At this page, we have listed you all the AddOns that are worthy for TBC. You can filter through them, and find the best TBC WoW Addons for your needs. This includes TBC addons related to Questing, UI, Auction House, Bags and Raids.
We have also listed the most popular TBC Addons on our comprehensive list of addons, to make sure you find exactly the ones you need.
Keep in mind that Addons are made by the community and not by Blizard themselves, so be cautious about only downloading them from reliable sources. This way, you can avoid any potential malware or viruses.


As you have found out through our list of TBC WoW Addons, there are several different addons to choose between. Through our filters on the page, you can find your favorite one.
You have also learned that TBC Addons can be used on TBC Servers and TBC Classic. TBC Servers can be found on our page through a list of the WoW Private Servers where you should look for TBC ones. TBC Classic can be found through Blizzard.
We hope that you have found this page useful, and that you have by now found the best TBC WoW Addons for your needs. In case of any questions, then feel free to Contact Zremax.

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