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I recommend Warmane and in particular Lordaeron to anyone searching for a blizzlike Wotlk realm. They have a massive high population, and it's very active. Always possible to find groups for dungeons etc.

Evermoon is Tauri's English server, with an XP rate of 2. It has very decent scripts, and Tauri is known for exactly that. If you are looking for a Mist of Pandaria Server, I can definitely recommend it.

Icecrown is one of the most popular wotlk servers, and is high-rated. I recommend it to everyone who don't want 1x rates. Warmane has been running for many years, and in my opinion is very stable.

WoWFreakz is the best legion server available at this moment. However, it still has a plenty of bugs, like any other Legion server, but WoWFreakz has a certain quality in my opinion. A good server if you want to play Legion.

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