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If you can disregard the P2W side of the server it's scripting is well but yk, where u can buy end-game items is just plainly wrong, it isn't a necessary income source. Hence AVG experience.

No "p2w" that affects progression, RAF could be considered but it's quite poorly in consideration. Currently maximum level is 60; which means no WOLTK content. Though it progresses from 1-80 over time it might be something for you. RAF: You can only RAF someone that is NOT on the same IP address as you. Which means if you're playing with a family member there is no way to have benefits from RAF because of the poor effort in preventing abuse from their side. If you're using a VPN you're most likely going to get suspended anyways which is plainly stupid. (Note: I have not asked if they make exceptions though i wouldn't get my hopes up from experience, but you know, never hurts to try.

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