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WoW-Mania 3.3.5a - Blizzlike PvE & PvP

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There has been a lot of talk and hype about some legacy wow servers lately...
While this may be news to some of you we have been providing a high-quality and high-availability World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King server for over 8 years now.
We may not be the biggest but we are certainly the best in quality and the service we offer to our players. No hype, just the plain good old World of Warcraft fun you grew to love.

We are the most stable and bug-free wotlk private server in the world today, with custom content and a top of line hardware. WoW-Mania is run by professional developers and technicians to ensure the best all-around gaming experience.

Our team is made of dedicated and passionate individuals who professionally create and maintain every single aspect of the game. Come join us and relive the glory days of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Meet up with old friends or make new ones. We are a truly global community with over 53 different countries represented among our players. A vibrant and active community that is proud to call WoW-Mania home...

Join us today: https://www.wow-mania.com

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/R6DcdcP

Server News

WoW server news
We are proud to announce that we now have full support for Spanish clients.Currently Supported Clients: English and SpanishUnder Beta Test: Russian an...

Server Reviews

22 Reviews
(4.23 out of 5)

The Best

Written by NaverEver NaverEver
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I've been playing on this server since 2017 and tried out a couple others but none have the quality and the great user base that mania does. GM response is really fast and the server up time is almost 100%.

Top of its class

Written by Ablitzz Ablitzz
Upvote 2
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I have being on this server over two years and played so many hours there simply is no server like this one. The community is amazing with so many raids/guilds to choose from with different ways of running is an amazing thing for players, the GM’s are rapid at responding too tickets! Doubled with an amazing discord where it’s clear on changelogs and what new things are implemented quite frequently keeps me loggin in! Keep up the good work!

Amo este juego

Written by fabian95 fabian95
Upvote 4
Downvote 3

Siempre he amado este juego

Feels like home

Written by Chillmaster Chillmaster
Upvote 4
Downvote 1

First of huge work put on this server to be run and working. Peple here are friendly and comunity really helpfull. All raids available for wotlk expantion , gms responding very fast.
Hugly recomend any player to come play with us in wow mania.

The chillmaster


Written by frostwitcher frostwitcher
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

Perfectly scripted things, only few bugs found and after reporting they are instantly fixed! Perfect uptime, friendly GMS, Few custom event that dont let people getting bored! I RECOMEND IT!

Nostalgia and great server/community

Written by dacdeblom dacdeblom
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Downvote 1

Came here after quitting retail for years. I immediately got people who helped out and got into a great guild. Community overall is really helpful and friendly without a shred of all the shouting/toxicity that retail has. The GM's personal approach and very fast respond time to tickets and the staff keeping up with fun events and get involved with the community which elevates the overall state of the server. The tickets and special vendors are a great addition for possible gearing for alts or getting mounts/pets etc, yeah u can pay for it but is absolutely not needed to keep up with the raids and other content. Overall best server with the most fun i have had from experiencing many private ones.

Very good server

Written by danielv98 danielv98
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

Very well scripted, if you looking for fun time on the game, with great mogs and mounts from other expansion, and nice players, you re in the right place. ^^

Great WOTLK server

Written by shamwaww shamwaww
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

Great WOTLK server. Tried a few out but this one seems the most realistically managed and retail-like server. PVP is not a huge part but the PVE aspect is second to none. Great response times on issues to be resolved and a community who knows each other and is always willing to lend a hand. Would definitely give it a try!

Really good to their hamsters!

Written by .woofles .woofles
Upvote 3
Downvote 1

Really good to their hamsters! If one stops running there are always two more ready to take his place.
Response in game, discord and github is fast, there are plenty active guilds on both alliance and horde side and server is practically bug free.

Be sure to ask people in world chat about pvp and multiboxing rules if you're into that stuff xD People here take care of each other so you don't want to be on their naughty list ;]

Best Wotlk server out there.

Written by nephycer nephycer
Upvote 5
Downvote 2

This is by far the best scripted wotlk 3.3.5a server out there. BUT i disagree with it being called Blizzlike, since there are quite a few custom made items. So that is not blizzlike. But script wise it's by far the best, so if you want quality content you definitely should play there.

Great server

Written by Echi Echi
Upvote 5
Downvote 2

I have been a part of the Mania community for many years (6 years) so I have got to know a lot of friends while I've been here. The server maintenance is done with dedication and passion that I have never seen from anywhere else, all changelogs can be seen on the site to keep up to date with changes / fixes that are done regularly.
We have great GMs here that help with all sorts of things, and speedy response times, we even have GM events when they get time to play which is great. world chat is monitored to make the server a peaceful player environment for everyone which I actually like, gaming is for fun not stress.
I am a PvPer and I have had many years of fun at Mania that I hope continues for many more :)

I would also like to thank the server Owner and GMs for being the most approachable server owner and staff that I have seen. Keep up the great work guys :)

Flawless implementation

Written by jwick jwick
Upvote 4
Downvote 2

This is the best server I have ever tried. Much better than warmane and others where there is absolutley no sense of community or respect among players. Yes, you can donate for items but if you have a minimum understanding of how private servers survive you see this as normal and within limits. Besides all others do the same with no limits or rules so all in all Mania has the best balance.

WoW Mania

Written by maine maine
Upvote 4
Downvote 2

I have played here for 3-4 years now. Brilliant scripting against other WotLK servers I have tried. GM's are on point with fast response and interaction with players. Good for starting with lots of help available and endgame raiding content on both horde and alliance with pvp added bonus. Population is a little on the lower side in comparison but I will be here until the end. Great community of players.


Written by Grazia Grazia
Upvote 4
Downvote 2

I like the server a lot Quest, dungeons and raids are working well, fast gm assist and well scripted

Best of the kind

Written by lvic lvic
Upvote 3
Downvote 2

Not many servers care about their players like this one. Best support team ever.
Make sure to give it a try.


Written by klassenklassen klassenklassen
Upvote 5
Downvote 2

This is a great server!


Written by Tyrvana Tyrvana
Upvote 2
Downvote 7

If you can disregard the P2W side of the server it's scripting is well but yk, where u can buy end-game items is just plainly wrong, it isn't a necessary income source. Hence AVG experience.

Wow Mania Underpopulated but fun!

Written by skyfangneko skyfangneko
Upvote 3
Downvote 4

For the premise of this review and give full transparency:
Hi! im Skyfangneko on Server and im a guild leader for Elunes Chosen.
I've been a part of WoW mania for a the better half of 6 months give or take and what i can personally walk away with is that this server is seriously under populated with peak players on the PVE serer hovering around 50-100 players and at low times around half of that. If your ok with extremely long que times for RDF its honestly managable.

For the installation side of the server the first big problem is that the client is a torrent meaning that it is heavily revolved around who's seeding making your installation being around 50 Mins to an hour in a half dependent on internet speed. After that its popping open the launcher and going into the game

As for the people inside of the server its honestly a pretty welcoming community with even the GM's not being power hungry jerks

Overall the server is really fun

Server Owner Reply

Replied by wowmania wowmania
Upvote 1
Downvote 3

This is just a bunch of lies. Clearly this guy has no idea of what he is saying...
Starting with the population comment. This is a joke. :)
Second, it is not a server's problem if his internet is sub par. Also, we clearly provide multiple methods of download to help even the most "internet-challenged" players. The game is 20GB no matter where you play. There is no magic, you will have to download that on ANY server you play.
We provide a custom Launcher to take care of our updates. A process that could not be simpler for any user or their grandma.
All in all there isn't a single point valid here and the player should have stopped and thought a bit before exposing such nonsense.

Man in the Mirror

Written by  Butterbean Butterbean
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Honestly, I think the server is great. Awesome community. Alot of people willing to help and teach. I raid both Horde and Ally, and tons of great peeps. I think being able to pay a small monthly fee to level toons and professions quicker is great. If you wanna level your 15th toon the "real way" go for it. I wanna get it over with.

But the community is small. If your EU times its much, much better. I don't think I'd have a single complaint if I were EU. But I'm NA, and the truth is, you can regularly get down to under 80-90 people at night. There's a horde guild running at 5pm-pacific, and that's all. 45min dungeon waits are normal.

I've heard many "old timers" say that the owner has killed this server, and I always kinda thought it was hyperbole. But then I see the posts above. And it all makes sense. Too bad. This is the best server I've played by far. And best community. But it is dying. It's dead for NA. And it never made sense till I read these posts. Shame

The level of insecurity

Written by cassbadass cassbadass
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Downvote 2

Imagine being so insecure you had to ban someone for a three star review. Honestly, My friend was the one who got me into WoW Classic with this server. The absolute disrespect of someone’s HONEST review being enough to ban them is absolutely unacceptable behavior. If you want to be a whiny nance about the whole thing, craic on, but don’t go out of your way to ask for reviews and then get upset when someone is honest about their opinions. That is not the behavior of a community that I want to support or see grow.

Play at the GMs' discretion

Written by peter98 peter98
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I have played on WoW-Mania for the better part of 3 years now, and my main takeaways are:
1. This server has the friendliest population I've ever seen on a WoW private server.
2. Players get banned for discussing server functionality and GM behavior in the world chat, even constructively
3. If people are discussing migrating to other servers in guild discord servers, the server owner, "Janitor", will disband the guild if he finds out.
4. GMs will ban and harass people on unjust grounds.
5. The core is many years old

Personally, I have seen the GM team both treat me with the respect a compliant player deserves be hounded at for "breaking the server rules" the very same day. I take great care to follow any server's rules and stay compliant as I understand that GMs usually view servers as "their house", while players are just "visitors". The WoW-Mania leadership touts that they want "community", but are doing their absolute best to separate themselves from it and hold it back.

Lots of arrogance

Written by austin_ames austin_ames
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I've never even played this server at all. I was looking for a server to join. I've read the comments. Took the time to read the owners responses and considered what everyone had to say and this response from the owner "No, but your friend's attitude does. We want players who understand what a community is and frankly, neither you nor your friend does. So good luck with your future endeavours. :)" << is the reason I refuse to join. Just because you're the owner and believe in community doesn't mean you can force a community to work by erasing everyone who disputes your rule. Carry on King A-hole.

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