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I've been playing on here for 3+ months and left to search for another place... First of all it is full with snowflakes, but what do you expect if someone already gets 24/48/92 hours ban for ninja'ng loot in dungeons. I understand how frustrating a ninja is but there are good reasons why blizzard support didn't help with that because it is part of the game. If you don't wanna have a chance at a ninja, rol with friends, it is that simple... You only be accepted if you follow the meta and only get into raids if you have the achievement and bis gear otherwise you gotta build ur own guild from scratch. And then still, people just won't go into icc unless they got the bis characters with the bis gear to just basicly faceroll it like lfr is in retail. The scripting is so bad it is a joke, mobs flying tru the air are just a couple, every time they fix one bug they break 10 others. Then they gotta go back to fix the 10 which breaks 100 others, it is a circle they never will break I guess...

More like 200 stable with peaks of 600, no idea where they got the 1000 from... Chromiecraft is a open beta, that is how playing there feels like permently. You get chromie points for helping them fix the bugs and you get banned to for the same reason because you used the bug unknowingly. Which in turn you can turn in for bags mounts and whatnot, but why would you want that if you got perma bann? The pathing of the mobs is alright but with that everything has been said, magic mobs that mele is just a minor thing. At the moment they are 59 as cap and every buff from felwood is bugged for half the time they have been able to reach 59. While it worked before, but just like other pvt they fix one problem and gain 10 new problems... Also they even state, that they reserve the right to take any action against any account as they see fit, bann for winning arena? pew, done

Do I have to say more ... What a joke

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