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Advertise your WoW Private Server here! Doing so, will gain you more players as our advertisement offer a lot of traffic to your World of Warcraft Server
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May 08 2021 By zremax

A perfect opportunity to get your WoW Private Server seen by thousands of players! 45 USD Monthly.

  • Top Banner SPOT
  • Statistics Panel: Views, Clicks, CTR
  • Guaranteed to reach thousands of WoW players
  • Advertise your WoW Server

The Banner Adspot is for those who wish to take the extra mile on their advertisement, to reach more players for their Private Server

Featured Server

A cheaper opportunity to get your server listing stickied in the top! 15 USD Monthly

  • Server Listing in the top
  • Attracitve effects on your listing
  • Reach thousands of WoW players
  • Advertise your WoW Server

 Featured Server is the cheapest paid option. It gets your listed server at the top of the list for 30 days, and ensures that your server is noticeable Popular

Start Advertising your WoW Server

Advertising through Zremax, is a perfect match for your . All our visitors/traffic are WoW Private Server players who are looking for a server to play on. That makes it a perfect fit for your server. If you want to go the extra mile, and guarantee more views and players, you can purchase Premium advertisement through Zremax. Featured Server Benefits:

  1. Guarantee your server listing to be in the top!
  2. Gives your server thousands of more views. No more "being in the bottom of the toplist", or at page 2. Now you're in the top!
  3. Extra Attention: Color Effects around your server, to make sure it stands out. If you haven't made the submission yourself, you can order by contacting us on Discord, .

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Aug 29 2021
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Can i get a free AD ? :D

Mar 27 2022 Reply to UnknownName
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Hi. We don't offer free Premium ADs, however our prices for a Banner Adspot and Featured Server are kept low, to ensure it's affordable for you! :)

Feb 05 2022
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hey im new here can i get for frist time free premium advertisments ? then il buy for 6 month if it is good

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