Download WoW Cataclysm ⇒ 4.3.4 Cataclysm Client

Download WoW Cataclysm Client – A 4.3.4 Cataclysm Client

Do you need to download a Cataclysm Client 4.3.4? Get help finding a working WoW Private Server Client. We have hand-picked the most-updated ones in 2020 to ensure that they work properly for you. After you have downloaded it, you can get started playing on your wanted Cataclysm Private Server.

Download your WoW Cataclysm Client through us – and start playing on your wanted server!

Where can I Download 4.3.4 WoW Cataclysm Client? (Updated 2020)

Downloading a WoW Cataclysm Client through is an easy way for you to find a working client for you. We are checking our links on this page for a Cataclysm Client (build 15595) frequently. This ensure that they are still working properly. At Zremax we want to make it easy for you to start playing. The type of client that you want to use, is totally up to you. The types can be either a full or minified client. We will explain what both contains, including the benefits and cons of them. We will also compare the two type of clients, so you know which one that fits you the best.

Full Cataclysm Client (Torrent):

Additional links, in case the one provided above gives issues, (Magnet link) of Cataclysm Clients (Torrent too):

That should be all you need to download a full WoW Cataclysm Client on your Windows machine.

Minimal Cataclysm Client (Fast):

Download 4.3.4 WoW Cataclysm Client is complete, if you have followed the steps above. After finishing, you will need to configure your file. It needs to point at the exact Cataclysm server that you would like to play on.

What is a World of Warcraft Cataclysm Client? is actually providing just that. A Cataclysm Client for World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard, is necessary in order to start playing.

Since Blizzard no longer provides the particular expansion, Cataclysm, there are many different Cataclysm Private Servers that do, in their own modified way. To connect to a World of Warcraft Cataclysm Server, you need a 4.3.4 Cataclysm Client.

Explaination of what a Cataclysm World of Warcraft Client is

At we know the importance of providing working Cataclysm Clients. That involves, no broken links or broken clients, after downloading. Therefore, we make sure to test our provided links on our site.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is created by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s a MMORPG game, and Cataclysm is often known as Cataclysm or Cata. It was released the 7th of December 2010. That means it’s actually over 10 years old!
Blizzard no longer provides the Cataclysm expansion anymore, resulting on it not being possible to officially play that anymore. Unofficially though, there are however many possibilities to play it.

The un-official possibility, is through Cataclysm Private Servers, which are a popular (and free) choice nowadays’. At Zremax we provide you a list of servers in general, and also a particular list of servers for Cataclysm. And in here, we provide you with the Cataclysm Client that is necessary to play on the servers.

What is a Full WoW Cataclysm Client? (Torrent)

A Full Cataclysm WoW Client is a torrent, basically providing you with a full version of the game. In theory though, the provided clients are never 100% of the game. There is usually content ‘behind’ the scenes, that is not included. The original Cataclysm version of the game by Blizzard was therefore bigger size wise. Versus a full WoW Cataclysm Client that you will find nowadays.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that you have an 1-1 version of the original Cataclysm client. But it’s not really noticeable while playing to be honest. All the regular content, is already downloaded and compressed into the Full Cataclysm WoW Client. It’s mostly data behind the scenes that may be missing, to explain it quickly.

A Full WoW Client of Cataclysm has the clear benefit that it does not download the game while playing. After you have downloaded a 4.3.4 client, it can get enjoyed in high experience. This involves reduced FPS issues or sudden drops. In that case, a full client is usually more stable than a fast minified version.

What is a Fast Cataclysm WoW Client? (Mini)

A Fast 4.3.4 Cataclysm WoW Client is a minified version of the game. Basically, it contains a “download-while-playing” concept.
This means that you can get started playing very quickly. But it also has the consequence of possible FPS issues and drops. To be very concrete, once you eg. create a Human character, it will take additional loading time. It needs to load the content, which would be the case for Elwyn Forrest in this case. That can get very disturbing for some people, whereas they should download a full client of WoW Cataclysm instead.

A Fast Cataclysm 4.3.4 Client can however be a perfect fit for those who are casually playing. As well as those who just want to get right into the game as fast as possible. This also prevents waiting a few hours for the game to complete downloading.

How do I download a WoW Cataclysm Client for Mac?

Downloading the Cataclysm WoW Client for Mac can be a little difficult in some cases. We will give you all the relevant information you need, to play Cataclysm on a Mac.
This part is only relevant for those who run Mac, and for those who want some additional knowledge. To clear it out, this part is not related to setting up Cataclysm on a Windows PC.

The procedure for setting up a WoW Cataclysm Client on a Mac, depends on your OS system.
If you run an older version of Mac OS that can also run 32 bit, the steps are reduced. If that’s the case, scroll up to the top of the Article, to the first answered question. At that location, you can download the Mac client we have provided.

Different steps for Cataclysm Mac Users

In case you are however using an updated OS of Mac, the steps are rather complicated. It requires the apps to be 64 bits, unfortunately! We will however sum that up, and make it less complicated for you.

Cataclysm was the first expansion by Blizzard where they started working on 64 bit apps. Unfortunately, they did however not finish it fully, meaning that it can risk containing weird issues ingame.
You can download the Mac 64 bit WoW . After doing so, you will need to copy the WoW 64 bit folder into the Mac client. That was provided in the top of this article. The WoW 64 bit file you just downloaded should be used, instead of the WoW 32 bit file. The WoW 32 bit file was originally included in the Mac download.

After doing so, you can launch the game and pray that the ingame is somewhat functional. The game will show the version you are using at the bottom left hand corner of the login screen. An example of this could display like this: Version 4.3.4 (15595) (Release x64).

The reality for Mac users running Cataclysm is different

The steps above rarely provides a smooth experience for the Mac users. To achieve a proper experience while playing, the reality is different. An option is to use Parallels Desktop (Paid) for Mac (stable). Alternatively, you can Bootcamp your Mac with Windows aside (Free) (stable).

Personally, I’ve used the last option where I’ve bootcamped my Mac with Windows aside. This works well for me, meaning that I can enjoy the game smoothly again, with my Mac.
I would at any time recommend you to do the same. Of course only in case you really want to play a Cataclysm Server on a Mac Machine. It can take a couple of hours to set-up the bootcamp, but it’s’ free. Afterwards, you can easily choose between Windows / Mac when starting up the Machine.

Just to point out, there are also other alternatives, and there will always be. It’s possible to use VMWares where you can split your Mac up. This gets done when you open a program, into a selected OS like Windows, and then launch the game. But speaking from experience, it just never really provides the smooth gameplay. It’s however do-able.

This gave you a few different options on how to proceed with this and play Cataclysm on a Mac. As well as how to download a WoW Cataclysm Client for Mac.

How do I download a 4.3.4 Client for Windows?

Downloading a 4.3.4 Client for Windows, is unlike Mac, very simple and straightforward. Start downloading the provided Cataclysm Client in the top of this page. Afterwards, you simply need to set it up.
You can set up your Windows 4.3.4 Client by changing your Realmlist file. The realmlist needs to be changed to the particular Cataclysm server you’re looking to play on. The file can be found at World of Warcraft\Data\enGB\ or the enUS folder.

In case you don’t know what realmlist the Cataclysm server you’re looking to play is, there’s help ahead. They usually provide it on their homepage. It always starts with set realmlist.
Alternatively, if you can’t find the realmlist for the server you’re seeking, you can attempt to find the particular server on our Cataclysm Private Server list, and then the realmlist will display at our “Details” tab.

Hopefully you now know how to play Cataclysm on a Windows Client.

Why do Cataclysm World of Warcraft Clients contain different sizes?

Usually Cataclysm Clients provided, have a different total size. There are many World of Warcraft Cata Clients around on the internet. Many of the clients are actually not the same, although that’s what you would assume. Some of the Cata Clients provide a larger size.
As a result, a higher % of the game is compressed into the client-files. Some of the clients are more stable than others.

Is it Safe Downloading a 4.3.4 Cataclysm Client

At Zremax we have a large insight in Cataclysm development. We have been researching on this topic, in order to find the “best” WoW Cata Client for you to use. Downloading a WoW Cataclysm Client should in our opinion be a one-time-thing. It shouldn’t be necessary to download the client from different locations. With us, you can find one that works, straight away. Therefore, we recommend you to use and download the 4.3.4 Cata Clients provided by us. We even check the links frequently.

Is it Safe to download a WoW 4.3.4 Cata Client?

The majority of the users downloading a 4.3.4 Cataclysm Client never experience any issues of any kind. There have however been reports that some users (by their ISP) however do receive copyright strikes from Blizzard. The users that actually do experience this, mostly get it from downloading the torrents. It mostly happens from the torents, which is a full client download, and not from the minimal ones. In order to secure yourself and prevent this, you can use a cloud based torrent client like Bitport.

Often asked questions

❓ Where do I find a Cataclysm WoW Client?

At ZREMAX you can download updated WoW Cata Clients, for both Windows and Mac. They are tested on a regular basis, and you can be certain that they
work as intended. Find both a full 4.3.4 client, and mini (fast) clients of Cataclysm.

❓ What is World of Warcraft Cataclysm?

The expansion Cataclysm was originally created by Blizzard, who is behind the famous game, World of Warcraft. Cataclysm was a version that was released
years back. Engaged players who Cata fans seek Private Servers as alternative, to play it. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, is based on version 4.3.4.

❓ How do I resolve the WoW Error #134 Cannot stream required archive data on my Cataclysm Client?

The WoW Error error is frustrating. It’s only occuring on the fast (mini) clients. This means that if you have a full client of 4.3.4, it will resolve the issue.
Alternatively, you can also fix it on your fast client. In order to do so, edit your current WoW.mfil file and delete everything in it. After doing so, paste this code in:


Afterwards, the WoW 134 Error occuring on your 4.3.4 Client, will be resolved.

❓ How do I get started playing Cataclysm World of Warcraft?

You should start by downloading the client. After doing so, you need to find a Cataclysm Server to play on. Afterwards, you should change
your to the Cata server, and you are ready to play.


At this point you should have your Cataclysm client set up and ready. Now you should just launch the game and start playing! The game will be played and running on your new client that you have downloaded from here. There are also other client versions to download. You can also download a 3.3.5 WoW Wotlk Client

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