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Worgens in Cataclysm - Alliance Race

The worgen race is one of the new playable races in WoW: Cataclysm alongside the goblins . Not much is known about the worgen race, although there's a lot of assumptions about the Worgens tha
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Jul 25 2021 By zremax


The worgen race is one of the new playable races in WoW: Cataclysm alongside the goblins. Not much is known about the worgen race. According to secret records of the abandoned, they are said to come from another dimension. Many gave up their insanity, Argual should be familiar to every player. The worgen that are now joining the alliance come from the long sealed-off country of Gilneas.

WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4

The Kingdom of Man had supported the Alliance in the Second War, but King Gray Mane had no hesitation in cutting off all ties to the outside world when it became clear that the Alliance was more dependent on Gilneas than Gilneas on the Alliance. It went unnoticed throughout the rest of the world when, after the gates of the Gray Mane Wall were finally closed, the darkness fell over Gilneas and the Worgen curse devastated the country. Soon afterwards, the citizens of Gilneas fought each other in a bloody brother war that left the kingdom in ruins. Amazingly, the people still managed to hold on to the last bits of their humanity ... for now.

Racial skills

  • Black Swarm: Movement speed increased by 70% for 6 seconds, 3 minute cooldown
  • Nastiness (passive): Critical strike rating increased by 1%
  • Anomaly (passive): Reduces the duration of all curses and diseases by 15%.
  • Flayer (passive): Skill proficiency increased by 15 points. (In addition, because of their claws, Worgen does not need a knife for skinning)
  • Worgen form (automatically active in combat): does not grant combat bonuses, but changes the character model. Outside of combat, players are free to choose whether to move around the world as a human or worgen.

Classes available

Worgen will be able to choose from the following classes in Cataclysm:

  • Death knight
  • Druid
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Rogue
  • Warrior

Starting area: Gilneas

Gilneas is a new zone in World of WarCraft: Cataclysm and the starting area for the Worgen. The large peninsula in the west of Lordaeron extends south into the sea. The silver forest lies to the north, the promontory of the hill country to the northeast. In this area is also the capital of the Worgen, also called Gilneas. After a little prequel as a human, you can soon look forward to your new, infected life as a Worgen.

Worgen quest preview

Both goblins and Worgen begin a quest line at the end of which they meet their future allies. As a freshly baked worgen character, you first have to shake off the curse that clouds your thoughts. With the help of a potion, it can be at least partially under control - just in time, because a fight against a ship full of undead is pending.

The story of the worgen

Imprisoned but never forgotten, the worgen live in the world of Azeroth. Ur, a magician who lived in the town of Dalaran in the Alterac Mountains, was a researcher who tried to gather knowledge about alien worlds to become one of the greatest among the magical. However, his conscience often prevented him from using groundbreaking discoveries or showing others why he never received the fame he deserved. One of his research projects dealt with demonic creatures, the worgen, who lived in another world or even another time. 

Terrified by his discoveries, Ur buried his studies until they reappeared during the city's scourge siege. When Ur died during the siege, another magician named Arugal was looking for a way to repel the occupiers. When he discovered Ur's records, he decided to force these monsters into his world and have them go into battle against the Scourge Undead soldiers. The plan worked, the worgen attacked the living dead and even pushed them back a bit, but things changed fundamentally over time. 

Controlled by blind hatred, the wolf creatures turned against the wizards and tried to destroy them. Arugal, plagued by guilt, decided to adopt the Worgen as his children and take them to Shadowfang Keep and keep them there, secluded from the rest of the world. Once there, he cursed the residents of the village of Pyrewood, forcing them to turn into Worgen after sunset. Almost at the same time, night elf guard Velinde Starsong was given the task of clearing the devil's forest of demons. 

Seeking help, Velinde prayed to Elune hoping for assistance and received a magical scythe with the ability to summon worgen. Fired up by Divine Aid, she summoned a small army and fought against the dark beings. After a while, however, it seemed that the scythe donated by Elune no longer needed Velinden's will to summon Worgen. She ordered the growing Worgen group to stay at the Mel'Thandris Shrine in Eschenwald and went in search of Arugal. 

Knowing that Arugal brought the same creatures to Azeroth as a magician, she traveled the world to find him. At this point, their trace in history is lost, but there were rumors that Velinde was killed in Mirkwood and her scythe was stripped. 

The black riders from the Deadwind Pass went to Mirkwood to take the scythe and didn't even shy away from killing a family to get their hands on the mythical weapon. It has also been reported that a black magician named Morganth was also looking for the scythe. A long time passed and a new danger rose in the heart of the snowy Northrend. 

Arthas, father murderer and new Lich King, came across Arugal's machinations in his search for powerful allies and brought him back to life to work for him. The Scourge's former enemy was now forced to serve his children in Arthas and populated many parts of Northrend, especially the grizzly hills, with his worgen. Years later, part of the wolf curse that weighs on the Worgen has spread to the remote kingdom of Gilneas and has also transformed the inhabitants there into Worgen.

In search of a cure for the curse and driven by the abandoned attacks, a group of wolf creatures has allied with the alliance to escape their torment. However, the price of this alliance is unknown ... until now.

Cataclysm - Playing Worgens

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