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Dragonflight Private Servers | Top Dragonflight WoW Servers

Dragonflight Private Servers are based on the newest expansion by Blizzard. Currently, there are a low amount of servers for Dragonflight to play on, however several servers are already in development and have announced that they will be releasing it in the near future. We recommend you check the list below for the current Dragonflight servers to play on.
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Population: 0-100
Language: English
DragonflightBetaBlizzlikeRPPVERates: 2-5X

About:GamersCentral.de is a multi-gaming community and since 2012. With the aim of connecting gamers to each other.Hint:Moon of Dragon ...
Join ServerLaunched in 2021
Population: 0-100
Language: English
DragonflightReleasedIncreased RatesBlizzlikePVERates: 5-10X

DRAGONFLIGHT.SU is a unique game world based on the Dragonflight expansion. Our project was launched in December 2022. We are focused on creating a hi...
Join ServerLaunched in 2022
Population: 100-500
Language: English
DragonflightReleasedBlizzlikePVPPVERPRates: 2-5X

Algeth is the first Dragonflight private server, based on the 10.1.7 client. We are extremely excited to share our latest project with everyone. Weath...
Join ServerLaunched in 2023

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Dragonflight Private Servers

Dragonflight is the newest expansion for World of Warcraft, which is made by Blizzard. A lot of players are excited for this version, and are looking forward to playing it on a fanserver.
Currently, there are no Dragonflight servers, besides from retail. So if you would like to play Dragonflight, you must either wait until a fanserver comes out, or play directly on retail.
The max level of Dragonflight is 60, and you can explore the content that was introduced in this expansion. Blizzard has worked a lot on it to solve many of the complains from their past expansions.
Absolutely! We are regularly updating this page with new updates for the Dragonflight expansion. So make sure to check back in the future.

Why should you consider playing on a Dragonflight Private Server?

The main reason for playing on a Dragonflight Private Server right now is that you will be able to experience the current expansion of World of Warcraft for no cost. If you enjoy experiencing the latest version of the game, this can be a good reason.
The downside of playing on such a new expansion through a Private server is however that the amount of bugs will be much higher compared to for instance a Wotlk Private Server. Because of that, you have to decide whether you value playing on the newest content higher than playing with less bugs and issues.

Are there any Private Servers for Dragonflight available?

At the moment, the honest truth is that there are currently no Private Servers for the Dragonflight expansion available. We are researching this topic a lot, and will continue to update this page when updates pop in, and when new servers announce specific release dates. But for now, there are no larger servers that have announced a release of Dragonflight

The closest information we can provide at the moment is that Firestorm has announced that they are working on the Dragonflight expansion (10.x), and that they will release in 2024.

Our recommendation is that you either play on a WoW Private Server meanwhile, or you simply pay retail and pay for a monthly subscription.

Whether you decide to continue to Dragonflight through retail or a fanserver, we recommend you to get Dragonflight Addons. This way you can optimize your gameplay.

What is World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

Dragonflight is an expansion running on patch 10.X+ made by Blizzard, who have also made many of the other famous expansions. The Dragonflight expansion was announced the 28th of April 2022, and was released at the 28th of November 2022.

There has been a lot of focus on creating great content for this expansion. One of the purposes that Blizzard has made was that you should never be bored! Due to that, there is always something to do while being ingame, items to gather, achievements to complete, etc.

Additionally, its quite easy to reach the end-game content. The leveling phase is not really a grind, and tends to be very easy. While this is a pro or a con is very subjective, depending if you like the hardcore gaming experience.

If you need tips for DF, we have created a Dragonflight leveling guide that tells you how to efficiently level from 1-70.


Dragonflight is an exciting expansion for World of Warcraft, but currently there are no Private Servers running on this expansion just yet. Therefore, we recommend alternatives, such as earlier expansions, or playing retail.

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