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Saw a lot of hate for Warmane before joining, it put me off because they were obviously the biggest so why wouldn't they be corrupt? Well if you want a true 1x Blizzlike wotlk without ANY custom nonsense, just 100% the game you love, Lordaeron is the only spot I've found. Bug-free, no lag, high uptime and population, none of the surprise weirdness one comes to expect from private servers. Other servers have hidden modifications like free mounts, free gold, tiny little perks that are annoying to someone who just wants the classic experience. Lordaeron is the real classic experience. Unlike on Warmane the first day I logged into the modern blizzard server? Obnoxious Goblin motorcycles everywhere, even in the starter area, the corruption of the cash shop inescapable, ruining the game for fans Say whatever you want about Warmanes cashshop on their other servers, maybe it sucks, who knows, all I see is that they have kept Lordaeron 1x, blizzlike, and 100% free of their cashshop, and when I started a character, there were just noobs without mounts running around, as it should be. If Warmanes cashshop in their other servers is wrong, so be it, but they they chose to cultivate a space to protect a 100% blizzlike 1x server which not even Blizzard could do, and they did it for people like you and me They even have a download on the forums to change the classic wow graphics to the newest graphic updates. That means the Classic, unaltered 1x WOTLK game playable in the best quality player models, which feels even better than Blizzard.

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