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Love the server got to level 73 so far and had so much fun thus far. Experience has been great the community is good. I recommend this server for new players. Bots do the job

Absolutely one of the worst private servers for vanilla there has been thus far. The owner would sooner make up excuses and prefers his own idea instead of listening to his community. He puts in his changelogs that he spoke to several people which is a load of bullshit to cover his shit up. He changed every rate, made everything in his store extremely expensive(Pay To Win should be disabled) he added vendors in Vanilla and expects you to make 200k in a day to spend gold on Bots(Completely braindead useless with no commands) and bans you from a discord server for giving a simple complaint on the servers progress. The owner "Madness" has constantly attacked me in DMs on Discord and using his family as an excuse to attack people online for giving a complaint on his lack of work on the server. I'm sorry but honestly think about it nowadays people hate Pay To Win, they want the vanilla experience. the rates were okay because some people don't like x1 because it burns you out after hitting level 20-30 but come on this guy is constantly saying he is listening to people but is he acting nope. I recommend going to another server if you play this dumpster fire of a server. Hope this info convinces you people to not play this shit server. Thank you Regards: TripleX P.S: Zremax should consider removing this server from the site what a complete and total embarrassment to Classic WoW servers.

I have screenshots showing the Owners hostility towards his community when they write a report/complaint regarding the bugs displayed in the game. The Owner has refused to resolve this bugs and would rather insult and slander the reporter. I have been on the end of this verbal assault and once again I have screenshots showing these ignorant responses, I highly recommend going over to Anaconda WoW or Stormgarde at this point if you want a solo experience with Bots. This server has been pourly been made and quite frankly the owners can't handle criticism.

I know you see these Sitgos you pussy

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