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I met Thorium-WoW be chance on jun/2015, wasn't the first one, and for the same reason I didn't stay playing the others, which was because even if it was a fun new experience, to play with such high stats and fast attack speed, the 15yo me was looking for the same gameplay that he used to see at videos about retail. I came back later when I wasn't looking for the same thing but now for a WotLK custom experience and I'm a glad I did, the amount of hours, experiences, fun, people I met, the feeling of progressing, I played for a good amount of time, yet, the same thing that happened with other games to me also happened to Thorium, time to study came and I had less time to play, Thorium had a update, I had new stuff to try but this made me feel like I wouldn't be able to keep it up. Now, 2020, think it's been 2 to 3 years, the world is suffering with a hard situation, locked home I decided to play WoW again and after choosing to play Retail only when Shadowlands comes out, I went for the old 3.3.5 and for a happy surprise, when I searched for "ThoriumWoW" on Google, it was there, it's been quite a few days since I came back and the old people I met again, the new ones who I'm already loving to have met, the content to complete and the fact that we know the staff have so much more to bring, thanks to Thorium I'm having such a good time during this period locked at me home that I can't even express how grateful I'm, this isn't the place to talk about it, but wish I could, and I'll as soon as possible, support Thorium even with the little I might be able to offer. Well, think I talked too much about my history, Thorium-WoW is a awesome High Stats server, you do have a high Attack Speed but not like server where you just stack some haste and hit 0.00, to be honest, few players even use haste gems. At Thorium there're so many custom content: - a system for Tier sets for each class that instead of hunting a new piece to use you upgrade the first T1 up to T20 using materials you drop here and there, not losing enchants or gems you put on your item; - the Blood Marking system, each mob you kill gives you certain amount of points, there're items to use and earn points, items to boost your points gain, gaining points raise your BM level which gives you a buff, the buff gets better as you raise your level, rewards for those who aim higher levels; - the custom Thorium-WoW custom Artifact system, complete the quest chain attain this new source of power (and visual), upgrade it to get even more stats, unlock a buff from you artifact and raise the effect with more levels; - a lot of cross expansion content, from Cata to Shadowlands, Thorium staff gave us transmogs from other expansions, mounts, pets, even a instance (Shado-Pan Monastery), world bosses, world rares; - Thorium staff is just awesome, they're humans like everyone, yes, it's obvious, but I used to think and bet many still do that staff members are "different" from us, need to be feared or over respected, but no, we must respect, not just them but all of us, they're so close, just try talking to them, they won't bite you. Well, I said what I thought I should but don't think it was enough to tell everything Thorium have to offer, give it a try and you'll see by yourself, I really hope that you'll find what a found there, a great chance to have fun and met awesome people.

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