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Not a blizzlike server, much more closer to 2x or more. Not much to deter from the experience, but the claim of blizzlike is false - so if one part is false, other aspects are false as well. Example quest drops are 100%, (not blizzlike), leveling mats do 3pts per level vs one (not blizzlike) and much more. However, with that said, the server so far is pretty spot on and still seems to play well. There are an occasional missing quests, but seems to be limited to low level, and if you are using any type of guide these can easily be skipped without, simply because, as mentioned above, the xp to too high. the 1/5 stars is because of the staff. Staff members are nothing short of toxic. Like many business, when they start getting big, they start turning into garbage. In todays world, customer service is so rare, and even more offensive when this toxic behaviors is brought to a game. No company, game or otherwise will ever get higher than a 1 when it comes to crap service. If you want a blizzlike server, this is not it. If you want a solid server with fast leveling, you might like this. If you like raids - all good. However if your looking for some friendly service: Not here (it has gotten so bad, that even the "experienced" members are getting rude) Choice is yours

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