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For the premise of this review and give full transparency: Hi! im Skyfangneko on Server and im a guild leader for Elunes Chosen. I've been a part of WoW mania for a the better half of 6 months give or take and what i can personally walk away with is that this server is seriously under populated with peak players on the PVE serer hovering around 50-100 players and at low times around half of that. If your ok with extremely long que times for RDF its honestly managable. For the installation side of the server the first big problem is that the client is a torrent meaning that it is heavily revolved around who's seeding making your installation being around 50 Mins to an hour in a half dependent on internet speed. After that its popping open the launcher and going into the game As for the people inside of the server its honestly a pretty welcoming community with even the GM's not being power hungry jerks Overall the server is really fun

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