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To the reviewer below. If you would take the time to read up on the server / discord rules, you would know that our discord is not a bug report forum, this is why posts regarding this were deleted. Asking for help because of bugs is not against our discord rules, tho this is not the case. "After my friend had gotten tired of the bugs he had proceeded to write a complain directly to the owner and hopefully he had helped" Again, tell your friend to read our rules as they state this Do not PM the server owner asking for help, reporting bugs etc. Use our general discussion or support channels. You can always tag our Support team. (This is duo to my own Discord getting flooded with text messages.) your friend violated two simple rules. And to inform you, I didn't receive any complaints. ( I've only been in contact with 1 player this year. ) I got to stop you right there, I never call anyone unfriendly because of DM's about bugs. It wouldn't benefit me to keep a server open, which by the way I self-finance, just to be mean to people.

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