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Still a very new server. Working my way through it, level 30 now and have had almost no issues with quests/bugs. Not to say there wont be, because every server has them. Admin listen when I bring up concerns. Bots are fun, and i actually get to do bg's. Players will be better, but this definitly hits the PvP itch when i need it!

I have played on Anaconda for awhile now. Disclosure, I am a GM, and help identify and fix bugs. While not perfect, it runs quite well. We have nice players that will offer up help anytime they can! To address a few concerns another review had. There is an option ingame to turn of tutorials. Im not sure why you wouldnt have that option. We do ask players to review the server and they get a reward for it, we dont make them or tell them to leave a 'good review'. Good or bad reviews, it helps the server out in one way or another. You can set your own xp rate, from x1 to x10. So your choice on how fast to level. (Opening weekend was up to x25) You wont get green items for every trash mob. It is a small team, we do our best, and dont ignore issues, we try to fix them. We just want people to be able to log in and play how they want to play. So give us a try, if you like it, let us know! Find a bug, Let us know!

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