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So i loved MoP. i deicided to play a private server because i really missed that experience. i started a monk and ended up spending money to just boost it in level. literally the same day i see a gm squelch someone for something i didnt think was a issue i cant remember what and i said so in chat. me and another player commented wed quit if the gm did it to us. well the gm not only squelched me but decided to open a private message with me to rub salt into the wound because he was god in that world. i told him F you i literally just spent money on your crappy buggy server and this is how you treat people. he banned me. stormforge is the only private 1x pvp server for mop but they didnt do any of the work to create it... if tauri would simply give us a 1x pvp server tauri wow would be king still. i dont recommend spending money on this server it feels like i was scammed by some teenagers who simply opened up a private server using tauris version and want to feel special. i will simply wait for classic mop and i suggest you do too.

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