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I have had the pleasure of playing on this sever for close to half a year now. The mop server is flawless. I’ve had lots of fun with bots. Safe to say this is most definitely one of my favourite servers I have played on throughout my World of Warcraft. A small but friendly and engaging community. And now with legion? If you’re ever in doubt about testing out a server I can vouch for this one!

I have had the pleasure of playing you guys’ servers for a little over a year now (MoP & Legion). And now this amazing WOTLK Classless server. And I can’t do much but applause you guys for an amazing work. I’ve had a blast throughout 1-80, questing is flawless, dungeons are fun, the bots work flawless, even soloing dungeons is an option, I can’t wait to see this go live. And I truly appreciate your time and effort into this. Best regards -Ketaz

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