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I've been playing on this server for a few months and have had nothing but a pleasant experience. Of course there are a few bugs here and there, but there's bugs in retail which is run by an entire company.. Player wise, everyone is nice and social. I haven't run into any trolls or spammers other than a few gold sellers who I simply block. And of course there's some ganking, but that's part of the game and I don't think it happens often enough to be a problem. I haven't had a reason to contact any GMs so I can't speak to that though. The 1 star review on here paints a completely innacurate picture. I'm having a great time on this server! I have, and will continue, recommending this server to my friends. I wanted to make this post because I'm enjoying the server and I don't want people to be turned off of trying it due to a single negative review. So give it a try and see if you like it. It is free afterall..

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